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Got thyroid issues ? HGH in a homeopathic spray may help

January 3, 2017


Hey there, I was told about 30 years ago that I would need to be on Thyroid meds my whole life. I was a pro athlete at the time and was told at the time that it was primarily genetic.

Being a determined young woman that didn’t take NO for answers, I sought out my own answers, alternatives to meds. This led me down the path I took for the next 30 years – healing myself and then others who walked with me. I even wrote an Ebook, about what I learned; The Body Garden. You can click on IMAGE on the right for more or to order your copy. It comes straight from Google Drive, so a Gmail account helps alot.

A few days ago I turned 60 years young and only 10 days prior I started taking a homeopathic spray of HGH; Human Growth Hormone. Within 5 days I noticed my energy levels increase, and I mean really !! I also noticed my recovery time from workouts was much quicker as well.

My brain seemed to clear up and my sense of Self, emotionally, felt well, ‘rosier’. Nothing could rain on my parade :-)) I slept better too which I’m sure helped my overall feeling of peace.

I am sharing this because I have had increasing symptoms of my thyroid issues in the last 3 years. The standard issues are: prone to depression, low energy, easy to gain weight, low self esteem and more. I worked very hard to combat these issues without meds. My alternatives were: an almost raw food diet, tons of exercise, especially yoga which really activates the thyroid.

Living such a healthy lifestyle on Maui

contributed greatly to my health I’m sure. However as I was getting closer to 60 years, I realized that things were just slowing down a bit, no matter what I was doing.  The normal occurrence of life. Add a lifestyle change with stress levels that went up and my health suffered.

In a nutshell, I left Maui, went on a spiritual walkabout and a year later I find myself working 7 days/week and building a new healthy business for us aging boomers.  I share what I learn in order for others to get a heads up on their quality of life.

So when someone offered me this brand new product in a spray for under the tongue, well, I always try everything on me 1st. All I can say is that this stuff WORKS. It is giving me my life back, when I’m only doing about 1/3 of what I used to for my body, only a year ago.

The product is not on the market yet.  Stay tuned as I report more about this product and when it’s available to the public.


OBESITY – and how it holds more toxins in tissues

March 18, 2011

“Obesity is a disease because it is dangerous to one’s health. When a person becomes excessively overweight, the whole body is burdened. For every inch you gain in girth, the body grows approximately four miles of blood vessels to nourish the extra tissues. Blood which would normally be sent to the head and brain remains in the abdominal cavity, aiding the digestive organs with their increased work load. To pump the blood through this increased fatty tissue, the heart must work harder. Because of this undue strain, the heart gradually becomes critically weakened and more likely to collapse. The excessive fats and lipids (which, along with carbohydrates and proteins, constitute the principal structural material of living cells) in the blood stream obstructs the circulation in the arteries and veins. This obstruction in the circulatory system contributes directly to high blood pressure. Excessive weight to the lower front of the body puts stress on the spine and often causes lower back pain.”  (forget where i copied this from 🙂

Well, that’s all i’ve got to say for today – – be well, insure & protect YOU, by doing just one thing TODAY – that is good for YOU !

Maybe take in more SEAWEED, to combat any ‘fallout’ from Japan.   And eat SUPERFOODS.  They are called that for a reason and they’re more important today than ever.  WHY?  Because we have not eaten properly for decades.  Our bodies suffer and then we don’t make good decisions.  Super Food is needed to combat all the bad eating decisions and habits, so they act as a fortifier and/or a mini-cleanse each time we eat them.  Just google the name and they’ll all be there.

To Cleanse or not to Cleanse – is not the question anymore.  It’s HOW and how much DAILY !  It’s not looking like it’s getting any better for us re: environment, in the near future – – so why not take care?  We treat our cars and pets better than our own selves, wouldn’t you say?

Sending Light and Love, out to the Universe !!

look what this 75 year old is doing for herSELF: