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Alan Cohen and his words about ‘Life Force’

April 3, 2012

Maui is wondrous.  There are many talented people on Earth, but there seems to be a plethora right here on Maui.  Maybe it has to do with being a rock in the middle of the ocean, furthest away from any landmass in the world.  So it seems we’re in a fishbowl.

But….these are some of the ‘spiritual luminaries’ that do call Maui home: Alan Cohen, Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass.  Of course, we have artist and music luminaries and environmental ones too.  That is for another discussion.

Enjoy Alan’s words, for now.

“Modern medicine, for all its wonders and benefits, subscribes to many beliefs that are upside down and inside out. Disease, for one thing, is not a thing. It does not have a life of its own. Disease, as illuminated by the ancient science of Chinese medicine, represents a blockage of the natural life flow, or chi, that moves through the body and keeps it alive and healthy. If the chi is blocked consistently at the same point, and reinforced with life-denying thoughts, emotions, attitudes, habits, and lifestyle, the organ will manifest what we call a disease. Yet the disease has no life or power in and of itself; it is simply a sign of where life force has momentarily not been allowed to flow. When you invite and allow the positive energy to flow once again, through methods such as acupuncture, massage, exercise, herbs, diet, attitude upgrade, or cessation of the thoughts, feelings, and habits that created the blockage, healing occurs naturally.There is no disease that has not been cured through restoring life force. Therefore no disease is incurable.

The word “disease” contains a clue as to how to heal it. “Dis-ease” indicates that ease, or well-being, is our natural state, and for the moment we have “dissed” ease with some form of stress or resistance. The answer to disease, then, is to return to ease. No dis-ease can live in the presence of ease, so restoring ease is the most direct route to healing.
To heal our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we need to do a radical figure-ground shift on our understanding of how life works. We need to recognize that health, prosperity, rewarding relationships, and the other conditions we value are our natural state, and everything else is the exception. Just as a cloud passing before the sun does not mean the sun has gone away, a momentary condition of disease does not mean that health has gone away. It can return as surely as the sun will return when the cloud has passed.
….”A seminar participant reported, “I have had a long string of failed relationships over many years. Now I have been dating a guy for six months and everything is going great. This seems too good to be true.”
I told her, “It’s not too good to be true. It’s good enough to be true.” If you have a history of pain or failure, you may come to believe that suffering is your natural state. I assure you it is not. Well-being is far closer to your nature and destiny than the dismal conditions you and I have been taught to accept.”
We have all been taught wrong.  We were good little children, following all the ‘tall people’s’ advice and actions.  Now we ‘WAKE UP’ to that and re-ALIZE, that we are beautiful, healthy, beings that are capable of SO-O-O-O-O much…and
Our natural state is LOVE.
Our natural state is GOOD and VIBRANT HEALTH.
I questioned everything growing up but succumbed to the heavy tides around me, pulling me with them.  It was VERY HARD to stand my ground in the face of everyone else – going elsewhere.
Well, for all of us who have felt like this, and more and more of us are realizing this, it is TIME.
We can live beautiful and healthy and wealthy LIVES.
We are more attentive to what our thoughts are now.  We realize how they are the conductors of what eventuates in our lives.  We are co-creating.  We are deciding, in every moment, what to put into our mouths, then our brains and our body and soul – follow suit.  If we think all day long that we are not worthy of ______, ________. ________, etc.  Well, the universe will do its best to make sure you are going to feel that- since that is what you are asking for.  It is our slave, in a sense, for those of you who don’t want to accept the ‘co-creation’ part.  It does our bidding.
The other part that plays into this in a big way is that the ‘masses’ create a big force of ENERGY.  So if you want to ‘break away’ from the pack – you’ve got to be extra vigilant, in every moment, have a stronger resolve and decide and commit !!
This is where PURIFICATION and CLEANSING can help.  It sloughs off the masses mentality that went in with the food that is mass oriented, not health oriented.  More and more, the TRUE-er SELF emerges, we get stronger each day and finally we notice we have more and more courage, then willingness to go the distance, because we can finally see the LIGHT at the end of the ‘tunnel’.  This tunnel has been dark and lonely and scary.  We thought we were alone and sick and dying.
NOT !!
We were just good little soldiers, following the precepts of society.
We are taking our lives back.  Our REAL SELVES.
Will the REAL YOU, please stand up, and ANNOUNCE yourSELF.  To me, to everyone around YOU !!
Thank you – for being YOU.  It gives license to everyone else that you meet and know –
to do the same.
And from the Upanishad’s, the ancient Hindu texts,  “The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind”.
So eat well too !
luvin life