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laurel doing 4 day seawater and parasite cleanse/fast

July 2, 2010

hey there – just started my Ionic Trace Minerals implants in colonics with Will Mashburn at Living Light Therapy in Wailuku.  He’s my hero.  He saved his own life by understanding what is in the ocean and clearing out a 7 foot parasite that had probably come into him during the Vietnam War.  Since I met him and have been bringing my Cleansing Yoga Clients to him for the last 4 years – Will has changed his hair color from grey, back to black.

This is the longest period of time that I have not cleansed my body and in the last 9 months I have gone through more physically, emotionally and spiritually than I have in the last 10 years.  It is also the longest period of time I have left Maui and been away from my homeland.  I knew that I picked up lots of new ‘stuff’ in my body, as I was on ‘walkabout’ to venture deeper into my Soul and to find out what others were thinking and talking about – face to face.  Being on a rock in the middle of the ocean tends to lend itself to only knowing what we hear and read and search out via online or tv or paper media – not always the TRUTH.  I’m in search of the TRUTH.  What does that mean, you ask?

Well. . . . it means something different to almost everyone.  To mean, it means – what are we doing here and what am I doing here? and getting as close to my Soul’s purpose as possible, in alignment with the ‘bigger Soul’ and it’s alignment. In other words – I’m in alignment with my true Self and the Higher Self of the Planet.  This means very close to Nature – as Nature to me is God.  If God made us in his/her image, well, what did the Earth contain before Man showed up – lots of Nature, in its pristine state, with all that Man needed, once he showed up.  From pollen that contained most of what we needed to exist on, not gobs and gobs of food, just BREATHE in the nutrients.

Pristine Nature in the Lotus Flower

Did you know that our small intestine is about 22 feet long and only about an inch wide?  How do you think unchewed pieces of steak are going to go through that?  Sure it will be dissolved through the normal processes by the time it gets there but a lot of the time it is not chewed well enough and bits and pieces of meat get stuck here and there in pockets, so over time this becomes one large putrefecation sewer site, that causes most of what ails us.  Then we send down acidifying sodas and smoke and drink (more acid) and the body truly turns into a sewer.  ugh.  It’s so hard to break this cycle that we have been deepening, year after year, generation after generation.

Once we wake up to this fact and start reversing the cycle, the next generation will start to turn the tide in the other direction and maybe, just maybe, our Planet will follow suit.  As above, so below.  If we continue to pollute our own inner soils, why would we think twice about soiling our Mother Earth’s soil – when it’s what we do anyway?  This is why I teach about Cleansing and continually cleanse my own ‘temple’ that was given to us in a pure form, or at least as pure as our mother’s body was and her mother’s body was.