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damn good science behind most of our dis-eases

December 30, 2011

A modern day ‘hunter-gatherer’ – that is what we need to go back to.

So, how do we do that?  Share our gardens, plant food, NO MATTER WHAT. . . share the work,  then we share the benefits.

This video says it all – this woman was a ‘canary in the tunnel’ – and she proved it.

Our societies are not very well set up for this especially when our income has dwindled so that means we need to look at our very lives – very differently.  It means we need to GIVE UP what we THINK we need and prioritize better – like putting our HEALTH and that of our kids’ health, especially, first.  Are you willing to do that?  To give up a few cups of coffee, convenient packaged items at breakfast or during the day?

Are you willing to make a stand at your kids school about what they’re serving their little brains that are growing, but not nearly at the rate they were meant to.  We are not giving them what they need to be full functioning humans – how dare we bring them into this world and treat them this way.

our FUTURE - are they worth it?

A family up and leaves the city – for a better life

August 11, 2011

Choices.  We all have them.  What choices can or will you make?  It seems that families are making those choices today that yesterday they said were hard.  Why?  Because we can see that the Foundation we thought was under us, is not really, and that we have been giving our power and lives away to others – to make choices for us.  Not any more.

This one family I will be writing about, has an amazing story about how it came to be that a 26 acre farm came to them and the money ($50,000) just magically showed up in a freak happenstance to afford the deposit to buy and move from the city.

This is a story of INTENT, DESIRE and CONVICTION…in other words, “they decided” so it showed up !!  Go ahead, practice on something small, and see what I mean, like attracting a person you’d like to meet….or even $10 in your day that you didn’t count on nor worked for.  Remember, faith and trust sprinkled with a little ‘giving attitude’ creates the ‘recipe’.

Their new watering hole and private pool that Mother Nature made, on their own 26 acres in southern NSW, Australia.  Only 1 month ago, they were flooded out, losing much, with all 4 of them living in a small 1 room flat…now look at them ?!

Stay tuned here, to many more stories after this one about HOW the MAGIC of intent (without any doubt, as this waters down the intent and doesn’t really bring it to fruition) brought many folks and their families what they needed, when all hope seemed lost or seemingly there weren’t any choices visible.

I heard told once, by Esther and  Abraham Hicks

research this site for HOW & WHY what I’m writing about truly works,
called the Law of Attraction.)

that we only have to know the WHAT and the Universe or God or Life Force or whatever you decide to call the Energy – will provide the HOW.  Hmm, makes sense to me, as I say, “our lil pea brain can’t compete with the Universal Mind”.  I, for one, decided long ago, once this Law of the Universe was displayed to me in a little way, that I would forever get out of my own way and just focus on the WHAT – which is why I wake up each morning and go into stillness and focus on WHAT I’d like to see happen for me that day.  Just for that day, as there really is nothing else other than the PRESENT MOMENT.  My intentions do come true for that day a whole lot more than if I was to intend for a month out about something.

The STORY, about 1 family of 2 adults, 2 little girls, age 3 and 7.

I have traveled to Australia to meet those who are making different choices today, for a better life, a more sustainable life.  I am in search of their stories, to share with anyone who will listen, just in case, 1 person or family, will be inspired to make a choice for a better life.  I thought this fair dinkum country, known as Australia,  would be a good place to start as there are only 20 million people, which by the way, is only the population of Southern California.

I come from Hawaii, where I’ve lived for nearly 13 years, born and raised in California. My ancestors were settlers in both places as they were Hawaiian and German on one side and Spanish and Irish on the other.  When I researched the colorful story of my ancestors – I was invigorated and inspired to do some things in my life, that I thought I couldn’t.  It inspired me to reach for the stars, to be the best that I could be.  What if every woman, man and child did that?  We’d have a different world out there, wouldn’t we ? Well, that’s a powerful enough reason to keep ‘talking story’, as the Hawaiians say.
Packed and ready for the Maui airport to fly on Hawaiian Airlines to Sydney, Australia.

So, I am on the lookout for those who have decided to create a more Sustainable life amidst the chaos of our economy, emotions and belief systems, all of which are crumbling.  The crumbling is a good thing, and you’ll see why as you read the stories of others, of why we can no longer sustain the lifestyle that we have created that diminishes our quality of life and more importantly, the planet that sustains us.  What do I mean about the chaos of the above mentioned terms?  I think they are the most fragile concepts that are crumbling and/or can take humanity down if we don’t face the issues of each !  Let me explain, from my experience, of course.

Economy of Scale - FOOD

Economy. How? It means using Resources more wisely – like not leaving the tap running to wash your hands when only a trickle is necessary.  Imagine living in the desert (where trees used to grow, hmm, I wonder why) and there is only so much water.  We are at that juncture in life, where we need to become more aware of what we use and how we use it.  

This can also mean creating spaces on your land to share the growing of food with’ wwoofers’ – young people learning how to get sustainable experience for their own livelihood.  What a win-win when you need help in getting your land up to speed and others want to learn how @!!@!

Whether we live in the city or in the country, water is the biggest issue everywhere – just look at what’s happening in Africa, where there used to be trees and water.  Hmmm, can’t we learn from history, and not make the same mistakes?  Sure, we may only be thinking of our children, but what if Reincarnation is true?  Why wouldn’t we make it a better place for our childrens’ children, since we may be one of them?

Solar Panels on island of Lana'i

Research other avenues for getting Energy to your household.  Do you really need to turn on ALL THE LIGHTS at once?  Get your kids involved in a science experiment at home, making an energy conductor from old parts of an old radio transistor and see how far this can go.  At least get your computers to run on something other than your Electric Co.

FOOD.  Get a planter and start growing your parsley and tomatoes at home, either in the window box or in the backyard. You’ll save yourself $30 – $40 / month.  If you were to do this with other food items, like basil and chives and lettuce, this can add up to anywhere from $500 – $1,000/ year.     Think you can pay part of your electric bill with that?  Think again, about how your choice to NOT BUY these items from the ‘store’ acts as a statement and may get the store to change its habits.  If everyone did this, food buying practices would change and we would use less of our precious resources for the transportation of already dead or dying food.  This is our greatest power that we have, individually and collectively.  If we all boycotted what is not good for us or for the planet – the retail outlets would have to change their habits if no one is buying their stock !  think about it – Walmart, Whole Foods, who have now said yes to GMO foods in their store !

massage sessions are on the rise !

Emotions. How? The number one thing I’ve noticed that is happening all around me, is that stress levels are rising and people are going on more and more medications.  Hmm, that means one will have less and less energy and clarity to make a good change that reduces the stress, and probably become more robot like and not make any decisions at all…just following the status quo – which would be the worst decision of all.  There is so much I can write about this topic, as I’ve had to witness it in myself and get clear and balanced by practicing many things, reading much, but in the end, it was all about STAYING PRESENT with the moment at hand.  We are not really taught how important this is, as it is impossible to be stressed out if we’re totally present in the moment of what is happening for us.  Try it, witness it for yourself.  From this place is the best place to make any decisions.   More on this aspect in other stories, as I’ll bring out these 3 subjects in each story, in order to highlight how people are reducing stress in their lives and cutting costs and simplifying and getting happier and happier.  It’s just a matter of Beliefs, really.

Belief Systems. How?  Well, if our pastor or chaplain or priest and teacher and parents have been telling us our whole lives that it’s not okay to feel what you’re feeling or that you can’t draw with crayons like that or that you have to go into a certain profession in order to make money – then those are BELIEF SYSTEMS.  We’ve been good little soldiers and believed what the big people told us or those in power or our educators – – well, we are seeing more and more today of how wrong they and we’ve been.  It’s not anyone’s fault really, it’s just time to go inside of our own hearts and guts (notice I didn’t say our minds) and FEEL what is truly right ! For one’s self, for one’s community, for one’s country.  We cannot fix the world with the decision makers that gave us today’s world.


I have met many families in the last year who have decided that ‘quality of life’ is more important than THINGS.  We have only been taught that ‘things’ will make us happy and all the money that we amass working 3 jobs is what we’re supposed to do.   To do what? To buy food, and petrol, mainly.  How happy does that really make us?  More than 50% of our kids are unhappy at school today, getting into more mischief because they are bored, and the parents are overworked and over-tired.

Well, let me offer up a different scenario.

Enter R and A, a family who decided that they had had enough of the big city of Melbourne and R (the hubby) started looking for a farm to move to.  Luckily for him, his work was online and could be transportable, but A (the wifey) was not in that position and very much relied on the people in her area for her income as she is a teacher, for adults mainly.

…to be continued, tomorrow…..stay tuned.

The secret of health for both mind and body
is not to mourn for the past,
not to worry about the future,
or not to anticipate troubles,
but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.
~ Buddha

Serenity in the Garden


what Oprah is talking about this week – July 2010 – DIABETES

July 22, 2010

well hello – FINALLY ! someone is talking about DIABETES and still people are resisting CHANGE.  What is it about us humans that we fall back so easily into ‘bad’ and old habits?  and why don’t we make the necessary changes to create a better life that feels better with more joy in it and less pain, when we’re shown how to?

Well, I know the answers to these questions, as I’ve lived them, but do you?

Finally, OPRAH does too.
She exposed why and what DIABETES is  – it’s the fastest growing disease today, right up there with CANCER.  The sad reason is why – 95% of those with diabetes – have brought it on to themselves.  In other words, we don’t have to have this disease.  We could totally avoid it if we wanted to – key words here – wanted to.  It’s mostly due to the NUTRITION that we feed our dear, dear bodies, that put up with SO-O-O-O-O much and still perform for us.  Amazing.

Have you ever witnessed a person in their 70’s or 80’s who still smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol, eats meat daily and is still living?  That to me, is the biggest MIRACLE there is.  If we truly understood what was on the inside of our bodies, we’d probably take better care of it.   The 80 year old man who lives like how I just described would be in a lot of pain – but doesn’t give up and the body continues to perform.  Now, that is the most amazing scientific piece of information that I know.  It means our bodies can rust away on the insides, clog up with all kinds of worms and parasites and not absorb most of what we eat and still move blood around to keep the heart going.  It takes so many years to really shut down an organ – a kidney, a liver, because we are literally making new cells every day.

However, on the other side of the coin – if we taught our children what was on the inside of our bodies instead of what was on the inside of a book that explains how banking and marketing work, we’d be a lot healthier and happier society.

If kids knew today that the adults have been killing them with dead chicken mcnuggets in school and after school for a snack while giving them sodas too and then giving them sugar snacks in between – they’d be pretty angry.  Well, that’s my aim.  To educate them  so they can take their own lives back, so they will now have a vested interest because they learned how fascinating the HUMAN BODY truly is and how it is the best darn machine ever made.  Man cannot even come close to making something that works like our bodies even though he’s been trying for 2,000 years.  There is evidence  however, that way before these ‘biblical’ times, that we were able to do this and then some, but that’s another time and another story.

I’ve been educating and cleansing the adults for years.  I GIVE UP.  They’re not listening, don’t want to change and it’s killing the next generation of humans.

One amazing fact on OPRAH’s show the other day, re: DIABETES, while filming on location at a small church in the south, when asked for a show of hands of how many people in the church congregation had diabetes or knew someone with it – all put their hands up.  A portion of this congregation was invited to OPRAH’s show and of those who showed up – only 2 said they’d even changed their diet at all, since OPRAH had visited their church, exposed the disease and how the ‘after church service’ meals were killing the congregation.

Okay, I finally get the message.  This is why I’m embarking upon a scientific approach to Education, for the ‘shorter’ people – and outside, in the dirt, in an outdoor kitchen, in the lab and at a computer to watch some videos and do research – for those who are interested in the SCIENCE of LIFE – what makes it tick, from what’s in the soils, how to replenish them, what’s in our bodies and how to replenish them.

Stay tuned to this BLOG and to the resource list that will be coming with laurel’s new ebook that is coming out next week, with what we need to know NOW – to turn the tide of sickness to health, easily and gracefully.  A benefit will be to your pocketbook and the amount of time saved while eating better.