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MSG – Health Risk is hidden in your foods

November 25, 2011

Please read the LABELS of your food.

MSG is found in more of what we eat than is readily known.

This from my local farmers market newsletter on Maui, that gives us great info and ideas each week:

Upcountry Farmers Market <>

“I learned that I have been eating MSG in many foods called by names that I thought I could trust…ie;Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed protein,glutamic acid, plant protein extract, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, yeast extract, TVP textured vegetable protein, textured protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed oat flour, corn oil, …all of the above always have MSG in them and when the label says it has malt extract, malt flavoring, bouillon, broth stock, natural flavors, natural beef or chicken flavoring, seasoning or spices it may have MSG these frequently contain MSG and the last category may contain MSG …carrageenan, enzymes, soy protein concentrate,soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate… I for one will not do well physically if I eat any MSG and for those out there that have a similar problem with it keep your eyes on the labels. ”

What’s really cool is that a group of kids, calling themselves the Mind Reapers Troupe of the Carden Academy of Maui, performed a mini-theatre production about this topic, naming all the products and ingredients that we should look out for.  What a FUN way to Learn !! and to teach our parents what we need to look out for today, which is different than when they grew up !  The rules have changed, so let’s share the NEW INFO, in a fun and easy manner which helps new information get absorbed.

How are you implementing new important knowledge in your family or school?  Mimicry is a great form of flattery – if you want to create a skit at your kids school about this or other related topics, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Teaching our kids to fish is a better option that just giving them fish, wouldn’t you say?  Making for more self-responsible citizens 🙂