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Michael Brown’s book: The Presence Process

March 31, 2011

check it out: this process helps us realize and see HOW we have lost our way – of the Heart.  If you haven’t gone deep and discovered all that lurks, this book will get you there.  Why is this important?

What lurks rears its ugly head whenever it likes and usually at the most inopportune times.  As we get older, we wonder why this thing or that, just keeps happening.  Well, if you read this book and DO THE WORK – there won’t be any more surprises and the whole world will be a happier place, most importantly YOU/ME.

A main premise is that our mental and physical bodies have been focused on, leaving out the ’emotional’ body – the HEART.  If we didn’t have a great birth and made up stories about whatever lack we experienced – it haunts us all our lives….UNTIL….this book.  His work is so refreshing and so to the SOURCE of what ails us.

I’m all about SOURCE baby.  If we REALLY WANT TO HEAL and be the best that we can BE – well, why not face what is uncomfortable, say hello, thank you very much and goodbye.  It’s that SIMPLE.  Same with a physical body cleanse.

ENJOY the Book !