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Gratitude Batteries

December 29, 2011

How is your GRATITUDE Battery?

Have you been topping up your battery, with . . .

love thoughts, positive thoughts, being in the moment of the PRESENT, being grateful for being alive, just for TODAY?

There is always something to be grateful for,  I am living proof.

I left my secure home and way of life – to test how much this is TRUE.  I have been traveling for 6 months now, to feel how this works and to see how it feels.  This was not an easy journey, as I was stuck in some old beliefs and couldn’t see what I had taken on as my own, from my childhood, from those around me, that was not me.  I was such a good little kid, following what the ‘tall people’ said was good and right, no matter how much it went against what I FELT.

Before I knew it, I was living exactly like those that I was running away from, and had learned their behavior, unbeknownst to me.  This only came to LIGHT after much peeling.  Much peeling away of the layers of beliefs and such that covered up who I really am, who I really came here to BE.

e voila ! There were even moments where I felt it was not worth it to stay here on this planet, with so much chaos, inside and out, and how could I ever find a place in it that might feel good.  Well, after much deliberation with my own ‘belly button’, and many tears and many thoughts of GRATITUDE coming in more and more, for just the little things in life, I made it through what I call the ‘eye of the needle’, as a camel might do (Matthew, 19:23-30).

For myself, I had to give up all that I knew, in order to really go deep to the TRUE ESSENCE.  My mind is sharp and quick, which made it even harder.  AHA !!

Well, now I live in the moment, like I never have, being grateful for a meal, for a bed, to help another.  This is how my life is now, but soon to be living in alignment with my TRUE – est SELF, that I came here  to BE.

Purification, is a large part of the process, in case anyone else feels some similarities in what I write.  Many years of it for me, transitioning to an almost RAW diet, which for me, is perfect.  Not fully RAW, but maybe 75-80%.  Each person is different, so ‘check-in’ with yourself.  The catch-22 is that unless one purifies one’s body, it’s really hard to ‘check-in’ and get the ‘right’ answers.  This is why I spent so much TIME on cleansing others and myself.  I could see how it changed things and allowed the vibration to increase which put us more in touch with our TRUE SELVES.  Then there might be all that other work to do, that comes up, oh, those bloody emotions, where do they come from?

Gratitude looks like this !

Cleansing – what’s it all about … today, pre 2012?

July 7, 2011

We just started a 3 day cleanse.  I have joined forces (energies) with Jess, who has figured it out on her own and me, bringing in what I have learned over the last years too. She’s part indigenous Australian, age 28 and I’m part Hawaiian, age 54.

WOW.  It’s never been so easy, or gentle yet profound and I’m not even hungry – from Day 1.  Well, this is day 2.5, having started the night before Day 1.  After watching what ‘going to Source’ cleanse is like in Hawaii, the SEAWATER CLEANSE, I really wanted to be able to offer a middle of the road Cleanse.  Well, this is what we’ve come up with.

The newest bit of information that I’d like to impart is what we’re lacking in the U.S.  Most cleansing products are made for the general public.  Here in Australia, I went into an apothecary (an herbal store) and naturopathic doctors are all on hand, ready to serve you.  I was in heaven.  I even took a picture of the wonderful alchemic moment, where the N.D. was beginning to mix it up, into a tincture for me.  It felt so right.

nathuropathy in byron bay for cleansing

Jess and I knew what we wanted from this cleanse – pretty basic, but we added a few tweaks – especially for my aging hormones.

We are drinking something every hour, mixing it up between juices that are alkaline and lemon drinks with b-carbonate soda and Jess’ cleansing tea that she sources and makes herself.  Brilliant, as Jamie Oliver would say.  He’s also a hero of mine.  He just started a MINISTRY OF FOOD in Australia where there will be food centers and roving wagons of learning about FOOD.

Jess and I are having the deepest conversations about what matters to us.  This is the best benefit of cleansing – taking this time out to look at what ‘shit’ is coming up and not stuffing it back down but looking, thanking it, not taking it personally and saying goodbye to it.  This is why both Jess and I believe that physical bodily cleansing can heal the planet more than anything – as we have really not dealt with our ’emotional body’, en masse, which this brings up to look at.

We are having some of the best conversations i’ve ever had, about ‘what matters’ to me, to us.  Going deep.  We will be forever changed, because we are being brutally honest, with no assumptions or taking it personally – so we’re clearing a lot on this level.  This has allowed doors to open that are much more in alignment with my soul and hers.  Where else do we want to be?  My mission at this time in my life is to be absolutely in alignment with my SOUL, it’s purpose.  I’ve spent way too much time trying to ‘do’ other things, that got me a bad gut, an overinflated ego, a failed marriage (well, i don’t believe in failure really, just lessons) working way too hard and not being happy, truly joyful.

Why are we here?  It’s hard to face what we’ve invested our whole lives in knowing and learning to find it doesn’t really matter much.  I call it, “cringe and smile” and keep looking and breathing deeply, (connected, mouth-closed, breathing is phenomenal – check out this website:

So, this is what i’m facing now, after a lifetime of ‘doing’ and not really ‘BEing’ who I really am.  Sure I’ve flitted in and out of my TRUE SELF, but I need to be in that place now – regularly.  Why would we want anything else?  I am seeing the roadblocks and pitfalls now, even more clearly.  If I’m not LOVING myself (what does that really look and FEEL like?) well, that’s where I have gone awry.

Stay tuned to ‘loving ourselves more’, by Cleansing out the physical, healing the emotional and feeling better than you have in, maybe decades.  It’s so much easier than you think.

Opening the Heart
I’m wide OPEN

Please check out this site and start following the principles of Alkalinity.  One of my fave book titles is, “Alkalize or Die”.  Once you start to learn about this more, you’ll agree.  Order the chart 80/20, it’s the best I’ve ever found cuz it puts our emotions on the list too that cause an acid condition.  We usually only think about the food aspect when it’s only part of it.  What this brings to mind is the MIND – and how powerful it is.  It can elate us or kill us.  Check it out on the chart and look at where Love and Prayer sit on the scale, hmmm.

Create a Great Day – even if it’s hard and you feel like s _ _ _.  We’re more powerful than we think.

A thought turns into words and words turn into action.

Cleansing with Jess in Australia

July 5, 2011

Well, we’ve begun.  I met Jess through the Byron Movement folks who are bringing the people together in some really cool ways.  Check it out :

Jess is 28, part indigenous Australian, an artist, healer and all round pretty aware woman, for any age.  My new best friend.  We can’t stop talking about cleansing.

The really unique thing about her is that she decided that the world needed cleansing and just intuited a lot of it and looked up other information to put together a Cleansing Program, of her own, based mostly on local herbs.  Now she makes her own healing and cleansing herbal teas and mixtures.

The Tyranny of Beliefs

June 30, 2011

I thought i’d write about BELIEFS today as i can look back and see how many times and in what places, BELIEFS, have got in our way of a sense of Peace, or making a better decision that is closer to our True Self.  This is where i see that we’re at today – in a struggle between following the messages between what those around us say and do and what our hearts are telling us.

What is your heart telling you?

I decided to follow mine, and started kicking myself, cringing then smiling, as i could see when i used to follow only my heart, when i was much younger.  At that time, I made a different choice and followed what the ‘taller people’ said i ‘should’ be doing.  hmmm.  I call that ‘shoulding on oneself’.  As soon as we hear that word – we know we’re not following our hearts.  That’s an easy one to keep in mind that can change a lot.

For instance, I went to University to study biology and transferred into public administration in spanish.  I love the language and thought I should study pub. ad. as it would get me a better J.O.B.  Ha !  That’s a good sign that I was making the ‘wrong decision’.  The only thing that degree got me was a good command of the spanish language and to learn what I don’t like about government….in any country.

I’ve been studying Biology and ecology, ever since, in my own way.  I started with the body, when mine wasn’t working right and now I teach it, through farming and regenerating our bodies to the soils and plants.  I am self-taught, naturally gravitating to classes or teachers or courses, throughout my life, that interested me.  This is the essence of HOW we ought to be offering education for our children – watch what they gravitate towards, support it with the right tools and see what the creative mind/heart comes up with.

What a dope I was.   Well, not anymore, which is why I’m creating a form of education that is based on this principle – of recognizing where our hearts are, and where is our food coming from.  That’s all I care about these days and what the ‘young’ people are going to do about it….as we’ve left a legacy, us old folks, for them, that looks like it has not much hope, but there’s opportunities galore, actually.

WWoofers are a really good way to get a smart education these days.  Grow food, learn science, math and life skills and in different climates and hemispheres.  These are the skills we’re going to be needing, more and more, in our communities.  If we can’t afford to buy good food, does anything else really matter?

The problem is, that we think it’s cheaper to buy dead, canned, processed, packaged food.  HA!  I have 5 years of results of clients that came to me to be healed from what they’d been putting into their bodies.  We spend more money on healing ourselves in the long run, from eating processed, irradiated food, than if we were to spend a bit more in the beginning, staying away from doctors offices and pharmacies, in the end.  The list is endless; the kids go to school more, less sick days for everyone, better decision-making due to good food in, so good thoughts out, and a myriad of other benefits.  The best approach, of course, is to start growing your own something, trade it with someone who grows something else and then you’re ahead, and haven’t bought 2 or 4 types of food, instead of just one.  

Notice there are NO ADULTS around in this photo.  The kids did this; designed, planted and watered and had a community blessing day with the adults.

This is an indigenous way of living and life, for centuries.  Why aren’t we following those who are still thriving today, living this way?  I’m not referring to those indigenous people’s that have been sucked into the ‘white man’s’ ways’ and society, either.  They also gave up on their beliefs and were enticed by the ease of going to store instead of growing your own – now look at the health of these who have succumbed to Industrialized Food.  Diabetes, cancer and heart problems are prevalent and on the rise still.  Hmm, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where those problems are coming from.  It’s not really our/their fault either.  Humankind is inherently lazy, if compared to working a 40 hour week doing something we DON’T like to do.  If we were let alone to our own devices, we would be creating in every moment and eating only when hungry.

Just changing 1 day a week, to eating all raw – not cooking anything (not putting heat or fire to it) or just don’t eat anything at all, for a 24 hour period, can save a life.  Try it, you’ll see, you’ll still be alive tomorrow.  Trust me, we’ve been hoodwinked by a system that wants us to BELIEVE something else.  We all have a TRUTH METER inside, but we are not practiced in recognizing its messages nor can we actually hear it much anymore.  There is one reason for this: we are ‘gunked up’, on the inside of our bodies and our minds.  We cannot hear clearly, what some call, the Divine Messages, that we are connected to, but have become so dense, we can’t hear them.

Lighten up a little, and our vibration increases.  Let go a little, and our frequency increases.  This is the message for 2012, I BELIEVE.  I am practicing it and it works.  I let go of what I thought I desired and went for my true hearts desire.  It was scary as I sold most all and bought a plane ticket to Australia, but what has shown up daily, is proof that when you’re in that flow, your intentions are answered with ease and grace and abundance.  I am living proof.  I gave up all that I was doing and believed in and ‘got out of my own way’ and landed right where I wanted to BE.  Of course, I have done heaps and heaps of cleansing, I eat mostly RAW food, and I followed EACH AND EVERY MESSAGE/SIGN….which could have been just a light breeze upon my cheek, that made me look in a certain direction and I found myself looking upon a person I was to speak to, or a shop I was to walk into.

Follow every lead, look under every rock.  Don’t leave a stone unturned, if you really want to walk in your Bliss.  Faring all resistances leaves no energy UN-released, freeing up to be in the PRESENT – a GIFT to oneself.  EN-JOY !!

As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who-you-really-are. And in doing so you will utilize your profound freedom. Seek joy first, and all of the growth that you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly unto you.”

— Abraham


Over and out, for today, from Broken Head, Australia
where beautiful Bushland meets beautiful coast in outer burbs of Byron Bay

Chemical Cocktails – we are

June 28, 2011

As a Health Ranger, on the continual lookout, for what will aid us most and what is killing us most – – here’s the next bit of INFO and BLOG that I’ve found, that I’d like to share with you.

Read it and weep.  Then smile and take positive action, which acts like a magnet in attracting more of the same.  For instance – plant a tree today.  Start painting pictures with your kids with words and art that come up with a ‘pretty picture’ of how you’d like your life to look like.  The Science of Imagery is alive and well and has been hidden from us, on purpose.  Don’t you think that anything that has been hidden, is something worth looking at?

Have Fun painting, imagining and looking . . . until next time, in peace and in health – laurel

p.s.  dont’ forget that the ‘living ebook’ is now available to arm yourself with the basic requirements and information – to change your habits, to grow your health and to become aware of the new ailments and dis-eases to be aware of, as a result of our ever-rising toxic world.

Each book is funding S.L.E.C’s (sustainable lifestyle education camps®).  Thanks for your support.

Whole families can come work/study, with us, in these locations, for a week, a month, 6 months – to get life back on track.  You’ll be re-learning about life from the ‘seed to the table’ with experts on every sustainable subject while we build together.

Scholarship funds are being created now for those who need it and sliding scale ‘stays’ will always be offered.  Those who can afford it will be financing those who can’t, with a portion of each tuition.  Most of the work/study will be ‘experiential’ while we build each location from the ground-up, learning every aspect of a sustainable life while ‘doing it’; from water to building to food to energy.

Ground yourself in the area that turns you on the most and become a blessing to any community or neighborhood that you live in or to those around you.

new ebook – The Body Garden…learn the new rules of Health

June 25, 2011

From the SOILS of our GUTS to the SOILS of our Gardens
Book 1.  A mini-handbook in a Series of 3 ebooks, starting with the SOILS of our GUTS.  * Daily Detox Lifestyle Tips from SuperFoods to SuperFarming

Your own Health Coach/Ranger in your back pocket has summarized her 5 years of Hawaiian Detox Retreats for Optimum Health, for you in an ebook.

The rules have changed.  Arm yourself with the latest Health tips and recipes that saves money and time; from sprouting to home-made probiotics to home garden essentials.

‘Live’ Links take you to the Source of the information on the ‘net’, for further research,  needed today to combat the high toxicity levels in our air (aluminum, radiation), water (chlorine and more) and food, (pesticides, fertilizers).

Safeguard your children and engage them with home recipes for great food that is alive to recipes for growing a garden that will save you petrol/carbon/dollars.

Small easy steps, food recipes, home gardens, alternative medicine .  Each subscriber will be able to share their story and findings through the ebook Blog/forum.

Book 2.  The SOILS of our Gardens.  Learn here why cleansing and fasting brought me back to the garden.  COMING SOON . . . stay tuned here or on website:

Fasting and Cleansing Realities – Day 5

July 3, 2010

Day 5, I broke my fast with juices, coco water & veggie soup broth.  I was too weak, I tried to kill all worms/parasites at once – – not a good idea.  Take it slower than me.

I knew that after traveling and the emotional pain I had just been through, in the last year, needed to be released, so Wormwood, Black Walnut and freshly ground cloves went into my body, 1st thing in AM, lunchtime and evening.  well, 2 days later i was in a healing crisis – – too much detox, too fast.  i really wanted to feel better fast and learned the hard way.
since it was the longest time since i’d fasted and cleared out my guts i was too anxious to let go as i know how good i feel when cleaned and cleared out.  so i cut back 50% and only took it morning and night. what a difference.  i had one watermelon juice and a little later made a veggie soup with the Seawater (all Trace Minerals) drank the broth from it and nearly gained all my energy back.  WOW!!  i learned something.  for my body.  so i experimented with quantities and my body spoke to me to tell me how much i needed.  i went for a swim and gained back even more energy as if the oxygen pumping through my body released the poison i had taken to kill the unseen buggers that may be in my gut – most likely there.

It just so happens that after 3 grueling days of no energy and the 4th day to incorporate transition to juices – the very next day

all 3 of my ‘irons’ in the fire – came to fruition, as if I let something or enough go – – to allow MAJOR Manifestation to happen.  Again, I got out of my own way.  And what a way to discover what that means.  Clean up my ‘temple’ of my body and the mind clears and MANIFESTATION happens? or faster?

I was given a bold YES on all three of my projects that I’m working on, and the cherry on top is that I had enough energy to walk the Land today with the people who are going to assist me in making my/our biggest dream of all come true.  Imagine That.  

well, that’s exactly what i did, IMAGINE THAT for a long time – – through thick and thin, held on to it and it has served me, which will serve so many others.

My momma, one of the oldest living colonic therapists at age 81, still working today, saving people’s lives from prostate cancer, or those dying from worm and parasite infestation – told me to break my fast and that i can get just as good results FOR ME, so i have the energy for what’s coming.  of course, i asked, what’s comin’ momma?  well, being the very clear being that she is, making her more aware and intuitive, so much so that we call her psychic, said, “i don’t know”.  hmm. momma’s been saying that for a year now, but giving me little nudges and words to keep me going.

i get home and there’s a message from momma – “i won 3 times in bingo tonight, they wanted to throw me out”.  hmm. everything happened in 3’s today for momma and me – total manifestation.  she told me yesterday that she’s decided how much she needs for a plane ticket to visit family and today she won that amount in bingo.  and today my dreams came true too. in three’s – for both of us.

well, the reason i’m sharing this is to talk about how related MANIFESTATION is to PURIFICATION of the Self, starting with the physical body which ultimately clears the heart and mind.

dig in and go for the gusto – what have you got to lose?  how happy and healthy are you really – at this moment.
the only thing that worked for me was to clear out the ‘old’ to allow space for the ‘new’ to come in, which serves me so much better in ways i could never have imagined.  basically a better dream built on the best i could imagine, with all the elements and then some.

peace.  go with your gut.

p.s. it feels so damn good to be just drinking and not eating.  i’m not really hungry and when i am i just drink something and i’ve got it down to a science so it doesn’t take much time.  i leave the house with2 or 3 jars of watermelon juice and/or veggie broth and i’m set for the day with lemonday and water as backup. i now have tons of energy and feel better about everything – oh, the excitement of all my imaginings coming true with bonuses i couldn’t have dreamed of – well, probably hasn’t got too much to do with it.

Mahalo ke Akua
Aloha ke Akua
Aloha ke Akua

laurel doing 4 day seawater and parasite cleanse/fast

July 2, 2010

hey there – just started my Ionic Trace Minerals implants in colonics with Will Mashburn at Living Light Therapy in Wailuku.  He’s my hero.  He saved his own life by understanding what is in the ocean and clearing out a 7 foot parasite that had probably come into him during the Vietnam War.  Since I met him and have been bringing my Cleansing Yoga Clients to him for the last 4 years – Will has changed his hair color from grey, back to black.

This is the longest period of time that I have not cleansed my body and in the last 9 months I have gone through more physically, emotionally and spiritually than I have in the last 10 years.  It is also the longest period of time I have left Maui and been away from my homeland.  I knew that I picked up lots of new ‘stuff’ in my body, as I was on ‘walkabout’ to venture deeper into my Soul and to find out what others were thinking and talking about – face to face.  Being on a rock in the middle of the ocean tends to lend itself to only knowing what we hear and read and search out via online or tv or paper media – not always the TRUTH.  I’m in search of the TRUTH.  What does that mean, you ask?

Well. . . . it means something different to almost everyone.  To mean, it means – what are we doing here and what am I doing here? and getting as close to my Soul’s purpose as possible, in alignment with the ‘bigger Soul’ and it’s alignment. In other words – I’m in alignment with my true Self and the Higher Self of the Planet.  This means very close to Nature – as Nature to me is God.  If God made us in his/her image, well, what did the Earth contain before Man showed up – lots of Nature, in its pristine state, with all that Man needed, once he showed up.  From pollen that contained most of what we needed to exist on, not gobs and gobs of food, just BREATHE in the nutrients.

Pristine Nature in the Lotus Flower

Did you know that our small intestine is about 22 feet long and only about an inch wide?  How do you think unchewed pieces of steak are going to go through that?  Sure it will be dissolved through the normal processes by the time it gets there but a lot of the time it is not chewed well enough and bits and pieces of meat get stuck here and there in pockets, so over time this becomes one large putrefecation sewer site, that causes most of what ails us.  Then we send down acidifying sodas and smoke and drink (more acid) and the body truly turns into a sewer.  ugh.  It’s so hard to break this cycle that we have been deepening, year after year, generation after generation.

Once we wake up to this fact and start reversing the cycle, the next generation will start to turn the tide in the other direction and maybe, just maybe, our Planet will follow suit.  As above, so below.  If we continue to pollute our own inner soils, why would we think twice about soiling our Mother Earth’s soil – when it’s what we do anyway?  This is why I teach about Cleansing and continually cleanse my own ‘temple’ that was given to us in a pure form, or at least as pure as our mother’s body was and her mother’s body was.