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Bio-Mimicry; highest form of flattery is to mimic

June 26, 2011

Biomimicry is the art, skill, intuition and science of turning towards nature as inspiration for solving our dilemmas. Nature has millions of years on us in perfecting forms and systems, and it’s about time we humans turn outward when we need answers. The field of biomimicry has already yielded hundreds of solutions. Gathered here in a slideshow are nine facinating examples of biomimicry at work.

Click through to see images of innovations and the natural elements that inspired them.

“Greensulate, which is a styrofoam replacement for insulation, packaging, etc made from fungi and agricultural waste.”….from a member of Treehugger Forum.  See what sharing can come up with?

I love the one where a beetle sleeps at night, collecting dew on its back in its little valleys and tips its head in the AM, when it’s thirsty, and the dew/water just rolls on down, into its mouth.  hmm, I’m imagining at least 3 inventions for our households just from this one IMAGE.

Also check out the Science of Imagery.  This is the real SECRET to The Secret, that no one really talked about.

Our Future – observing Nature.  I wonder what creativity  he’ll come up with today.