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March 15, 2012

NATURE RICH, a company I started buying products from over 10 years ago, has added some good stuff to their range.

If you want to keep it SIMPLE, in cleaning out your engine of either your body or your car; get some of these products and study their website a little, to learn more about WHY this is important.

let the SUN RISE on YOU







Allow the Sun to RISE in your LIFE by 1) letting go 2) changing some habits 3) smiling more, especially if you don’t FEEL like it.  Amazing when we do and our body and mind follow suit.

Now these may sound easy, but seem difficult to effect CHANGE.  Change is what I see is needed NOW, more than ever.  WHY?  cuz we’ve been asleep for a long while and in waking up, like a dog, gets up and shakes off whatever is not needed.  hmmm, follow Nature’s cues?

We have been Juicing and letting go for awhile now, to get clearer and to raise our vibration, in order to FEEL better with the changing energy in our World.  Guess what?  It’s working.  For me, it wasn’t easy sometimes, but I persevered through the hardest moments and NOW, so happy that I did.

If anyone reading this feels like giving up, contact me and I’ll share a story with you that will change those feelings and give you a ‘leg up’ in energy to PER-SEVERE.  note the word encased within the word.  Once we surpass the SEVERE, it’s easier.