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March 15, 2012

NATURE RICH, a company I started buying products from over 10 years ago, has added some good stuff to their range.

If you want to keep it SIMPLE, in cleaning out your engine of either your body or your car; get some of these products and study their website a little, to learn more about WHY this is important.

let the SUN RISE on YOU







Allow the Sun to RISE in your LIFE by 1) letting go 2) changing some habits 3) smiling more, especially if you don’t FEEL like it.  Amazing when we do and our body and mind follow suit.

Now these may sound easy, but seem difficult to effect CHANGE.  Change is what I see is needed NOW, more than ever.  WHY?  cuz we’ve been asleep for a long while and in waking up, like a dog, gets up and shakes off whatever is not needed.  hmmm, follow Nature’s cues?

We have been Juicing and letting go for awhile now, to get clearer and to raise our vibration, in order to FEEL better with the changing energy in our World.  Guess what?  It’s working.  For me, it wasn’t easy sometimes, but I persevered through the hardest moments and NOW, so happy that I did.

If anyone reading this feels like giving up, contact me and I’ll share a story with you that will change those feelings and give you a ‘leg up’ in energy to PER-SEVERE.  note the word encased within the word.  Once we surpass the SEVERE, it’s easier.


Chemical Cocktails – we are

June 28, 2011

As a Health Ranger, on the continual lookout, for what will aid us most and what is killing us most – – here’s the next bit of INFO and BLOG that I’ve found, that I’d like to share with you.

Read it and weep.  Then smile and take positive action, which acts like a magnet in attracting more of the same.  For instance – plant a tree today.  Start painting pictures with your kids with words and art that come up with a ‘pretty picture’ of how you’d like your life to look like.  The Science of Imagery is alive and well and has been hidden from us, on purpose.  Don’t you think that anything that has been hidden, is something worth looking at?

Have Fun painting, imagining and looking . . . until next time, in peace and in health – laurel

p.s.  dont’ forget that the ‘living ebook’ is now available to arm yourself with the basic requirements and information – to change your habits, to grow your health and to become aware of the new ailments and dis-eases to be aware of, as a result of our ever-rising toxic world.

Each book is funding S.L.E.C’s (sustainable lifestyle education camps®).  Thanks for your support.

Whole families can come work/study, with us, in these locations, for a week, a month, 6 months – to get life back on track.  You’ll be re-learning about life from the ‘seed to the table’ with experts on every sustainable subject while we build together.

Scholarship funds are being created now for those who need it and sliding scale ‘stays’ will always be offered.  Those who can afford it will be financing those who can’t, with a portion of each tuition.  Most of the work/study will be ‘experiential’ while we build each location from the ground-up, learning every aspect of a sustainable life while ‘doing it’; from water to building to food to energy.

Ground yourself in the area that turns you on the most and become a blessing to any community or neighborhood that you live in or to those around you.

Radiation and Minerals

May 4, 2011

“Remineralization protects not only soil and plants from radioactivity, but humans, too. Supplying abundant minerals especially trace elements to the human body improves radiation tolerance, immune system integrity and radiation exposure recovery.”

David Yarrow, 2006

Introducing something that is dear to my HEART and the basis of the Cleansing Retreats we’ve been focused on for at least 5 years – Sea Minerals, Trace Minerals, Minerals !! For the Healing of our Soils – the human and Earth Soils.  Hmmm, think there’s any correlation?  or any significance to what we’re finding we’re lacking in our bodies as well in the Soils?  Think again.  It’s the ANSWER – to most of what ails us today.

The Earth, where we walk, used to be covered in Ocean – Sea Water, Sea Minerals.  The TALK of Today is all about the lack of minerals in our soils, the poor soils and growing our own FOOD.

This woman has it going on and is right on !!  Learn about what she has to offer and I invite you to do your own little part in offering back to the Earth – a few minerals to the SOILS around you….whether it’s in your yard or a neighbors.

Joanna Campe is founder and Executive Director of Remineralize the Earth. Remineralize the Earth is a nonprofit organization assisting the worldwide movement of remineralizing soils with finely ground rock dust, sea minerals and other natural and sustainable means to increase the growth, health, and nutrient value of all plant life. Adding minerals and trace elements is vital to the creation of fertile soils, healthy crops and forests, and is a key strategy to stabilize the climate. She was invited by the U.S. State Department to be a speaker at the World International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC 2008). She co-authored a chapter of the Green Thin Disc, New Technologies for a New  Future, given to all delegates at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen (COP15).

The original blogpost with comments can be found on Remineralize the Earth.

Please follow this LINK.  I’ve found some of the most REAL and up-to-date INFO for today’s problems in this area and not some expensive solutions that others are capitalizing on.

ENJOY Great Health – if not for yourSELVES, for your CHILDREN

Thyroid and Radiation

April 1, 2011

I have just tested a BIOMAT.  Something I knew about but didn’t feel I needed since I owned an Infra-red Sauna.  Sweat and our physical self living in this toxic world just seemed to make sense to me.  This after teaching Bikram hot and sweaty yoga for over a decade – daily.  I saw incredible healing and healthy people as compared to those who didn’t SWEAT.  There were even diabetics who could forego their daily insulin in favor of a sweaty yoga class.  There is of course, the fact that every joint, muscle and tendon moves and gets oxygen, in a Bikram yoga class.  It saved my thyroid and life.  These are separate issues but it’s all about the thyroid now.

Radiation is becoming a household word.  Well, I’m not an experiential health coach for a reason.  The latest is the BIOMAT.  It goes straight to working on increasing the core temperature of the body which is overseen by the thyroid or what I call the ‘conductor’ of all systems.  If the body temperature is lower than 98.6 degress (normal) then it can cause a myriad of problems, not the least of which can be, in creating an environment that is perfect for growing BACTERIA.

Now, have we heard of bacteria lately? hmmm. Even the TV show, ANIMAL PLANET, has created a new show called, “the monsters inside us”.  Hmm, what do you think that means?  Nothing goes on national TV unless there is an epidemic.

Get yourself a BIOMAT and share it among friends and family.  It’s approximately $1500.  Get 15 friends with $100 if you have to, but get and co-op purchase the things that can keep us healthy, for now.  If we can keep our WHOLE BODY/MIND healthy during these times, the better off we’re going to be if you know what hits the fan and if we have to make harder than usual decisions.

Don’t give your power away – by hoping someone else has the answer for you.  Only each person has that knowledge for themselves.  Even parents can only guide – but children have a much better intuition that has not been eroded YET. RELY on the intuition of the young ones and I bet you’ll be better off.

My friends sell the BIOMAT.  Go there, if you’re interested in holistic, ‘take your own life back’ Health.

Click to access biomat_basics.pdf

ENJOY the best HEALTH you can !  It’s your CHOICE.



Solstice & Gulf Oil Spill

June 21, 2010


The recent oil spill in the Gulf is escalating with catastrophic vulnerability concerning the wellhead. Experts say a huge and very toxic gas bubble has formed and extreme pressure is building – fissures have already developed. They are predicting real possibility of volcanic like explosion producing tsunami and other major events.

Please listen to these videos to assist your understanding of this most serious rising potential of cataclysmic proportion.



In these next few weeks, we will experience extremely powerful energy especially with the astro alignments, solstice and eclipses. Now more than ever, your assistance is needed with focused prayers, invocation to the realms of light, assisting star nations and sending light and sound transmission to the Gulf of Mexico. Connecting to the Crystalline Grid is one of the fastest and surest way to transmit the purity of your energy to and through the Earth and out to the galactic. Envelop this entire region and all unwanted rising potential in violet flames and pure white light.

Please ask everyone around you and network groups to assist in combining this focus starting NOW and especially with the incoming Solstice energies.

Our focus is qualified with alignment to Divine Will and the highest good of all concerned.