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March 15, 2011

fresh young coco water upon arrival to Maui


Come sail away with us

Massage on the beach, anyone?


making our own garden fresh salad

surfs up n down

its all about the HEART and the FOOD

Co-Creation comes in many forms


How FRESH is your JUICE?

Yoga moves for Surfing warm-up

our fave local waterfall

co-llaboration is JUICY !

emptiness and Mother Nature at her best

Stand up to your Dreams

stretching on water

Hawaiian Canoes with W. Maui Mtns

I'm loving myself - maybe for the 1st time


this space has your name on it

symbols and symmetry

the size of things we grow around here

honoring our cultural traditions

our cetacean brothers n sisters in PURE JOY

can't get much more Hawaiian than this

ride to your hearts desire

colors n toes - toes n colors