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MAGNESIUM – It combats Depression !

July 30, 2017

We are finding out more and more as more and more is being REVEALED, that is turning the thoughts and beliefs on HOW we have lived life and WHAT is best for us in order to THRIVE !

I had to go through so much pain in my 20’s and 30’s from my monthly menses on 1st day. I only found out about MAGNESIUM towards the end of that time and how it was lacking, and in such small amounts, that takes away the pain. Hmmm. We are a delicate balance, aren’t we ?  If we can keep the chemical cocktail that was us upon birth, we can keep aches and pains at bay. We don’t really focus on that, especially as we age.

The average human body contains about 25 grams of magnesium, one of the six essential minerals that must be supplied in the diet.

I also started taking it daily to keep my bowels moving well. Imagine that. It works so well. At least 50% of our western world has impacted bowels of some kind. No meds needed. Just one capsule per day of 250- 500mg Magnesium. If eating Thanksgiving meal, take two with meal. That simple.

Recently I went to buy some more and compared the product called CALM to a Sundown Naturals Mag 500mg. caps. Calm was twice the price and didn’t supply as much as the caps. I now saved money, take an easy 1 cap / day and feel better.

I am part of the brilliant Food Revolution Network since its inception with the ‘Robbins Clan’ from Baskin-Robbins fame. How lucky John Robbins went this way with our health and relationship with FOOD. That stuff we put in our bodies more often than anything else in life. Our fuel.

What kind of fuel are you putting into your engine today? You put Premium grade into your car and get regular oil changes and preventive maintenance there, so why not with the most important ‘vehicle’, your body? Especially our kids bodies. Go to this LINK for getting the max nutrition fast and easy, into your kids bodies:

I know it seems hard and what to choose, well, that’s what I look for and write about. Enjoy this and sign up with the ‘Robbins’, Food Revolution Network, for the best info out there !!

Stabilize Blood Sugar in a pill – WOW !!

April 25, 2013

I just found something that has transformed me more than anything I’ve ever done in a short time and targets what I believe is the most important aspect of our health – Blood Sugar.

How do we create it?  What is it?  Where does it go when it’s not transformed properly?

Well, why are diabetics, diabetic?  Their body has been overloaded with too much sugar in the blood, the pancreas cannot keep up in creating insulin to process it all and therefore starts to shut down, saying, good luck, I can’t keep up so let’s just store that food, mainly carbohydrates and sugar (glucose, sucrose, all those ‘ose’s) as fat.  This adds to the already overloaded system and now the body will have to work harder in other areas, just carrying around more weight, which takes more energy and if we’re not eating right then we find we have less energy.

So, what did I find?  I stumbled across a photograph of someone, at a farmers market on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  This man was so proud of his wife who had lost over a 100 lbs. as he did also.  I couldn’t ignore the photographs.  My first question was, does she still look like that today?  yes, and he was still slimmer too.  I was listening.  I was so impressed I decided to stay in touch but knew I was not ready to learn more or to take this on at the time.  I was in a shift in my life, still figuring out my base security issues and what was my next goal in life.

Today, I have built a new Hot Yoga studio, my form of detox center, and now I’m trying this product.  I started eating these pills before I eat, which target the food to turn into fuel instead of fat.  That’s what food is supposed to do, but most people are either blocked up already so even when they change their diet and put in good and organic, the body really doesn’t notice much, or it just turns to fat.

The best part of this is what I already knew to be true, that seaweed and green coffee extract and prickly pear cactus were awesome however I never put all three together.  Oh what synergy !! and that is my word of the week, maybe the decade !

People are losing the weight they never could by not changing their diet, still eating, just adding this little army of what’s lacking in the body – blood sugar now turns into FUEL.

I plan on introducing this to every single Bikram yoga studio in the world to combat childhood obesity and diabetes.  We are also aligned with the public school system, which is really going to the jugular, don’t you think?  However, I have patience as I know that dealing with that government agency will be like trying to turn around a tanker with 1 small paddle.

Just keep trying, don’t give up.  There is always an answer, this is Evolution.  It has already been proven, over and over, again.  For example, over a decade ago, Drink Milk, Eat Beef.  10 years later, reduce it. Not so good for your arteries.  Hmmm, who do you believe? It is obviously created by those who make the money from this marketing.

Now this product I’m talking about makes me money and those I love.  This puts the dollars back into the people’s hands, instead of the government or big corporations.  With money, I can make a difference, by where I spend it and how.  I plan on giving it those youth who come up with good ideas for starting their own little business.  Why trade time for dollars to someone else and give half of that to taxes and paying $4-$5 / gallon of gas to get to a J.O.B. then spend what’s left on packaged, dead food and start all over again, getting less and less healthy !!

We need to stop the hemorrhaging now and do a 180.  Doing the same thing over and over again, does not get us new results.

If you want to know more about this product and help those around you that are over weight or diabetic, find us on Facebook, under Laurel A. WhiteMaui