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Alan Cohen and his words about ‘Life Force’

April 3, 2012

Maui is wondrous.  There are many talented people on Earth, but there seems to be a plethora right here on Maui.  Maybe it has to do with being a rock in the middle of the ocean, furthest away from any landmass in the world.  So it seems we’re in a fishbowl.

But….these are some of the ‘spiritual luminaries’ that do call Maui home: Alan Cohen, Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass.  Of course, we have artist and music luminaries and environmental ones too.  That is for another discussion.

Enjoy Alan’s words, for now.

“Modern medicine, for all its wonders and benefits, subscribes to many beliefs that are upside down and inside out. Disease, for one thing, is not a thing. It does not have a life of its own. Disease, as illuminated by the ancient science of Chinese medicine, represents a blockage of the natural life flow, or chi, that moves through the body and keeps it alive and healthy. If the chi is blocked consistently at the same point, and reinforced with life-denying thoughts, emotions, attitudes, habits, and lifestyle, the organ will manifest what we call a disease. Yet the disease has no life or power in and of itself; it is simply a sign of where life force has momentarily not been allowed to flow. When you invite and allow the positive energy to flow once again, through methods such as acupuncture, massage, exercise, herbs, diet, attitude upgrade, or cessation of the thoughts, feelings, and habits that created the blockage, healing occurs naturally.There is no disease that has not been cured through restoring life force. Therefore no disease is incurable.

The word “disease” contains a clue as to how to heal it. “Dis-ease” indicates that ease, or well-being, is our natural state, and for the moment we have “dissed” ease with some form of stress or resistance. The answer to disease, then, is to return to ease. No dis-ease can live in the presence of ease, so restoring ease is the most direct route to healing.
To heal our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we need to do a radical figure-ground shift on our understanding of how life works. We need to recognize that health, prosperity, rewarding relationships, and the other conditions we value are our natural state, and everything else is the exception. Just as a cloud passing before the sun does not mean the sun has gone away, a momentary condition of disease does not mean that health has gone away. It can return as surely as the sun will return when the cloud has passed.
….”A seminar participant reported, “I have had a long string of failed relationships over many years. Now I have been dating a guy for six months and everything is going great. This seems too good to be true.”
I told her, “It’s not too good to be true. It’s good enough to be true.” If you have a history of pain or failure, you may come to believe that suffering is your natural state. I assure you it is not. Well-being is far closer to your nature and destiny than the dismal conditions you and I have been taught to accept.”
We have all been taught wrong.  We were good little children, following all the ‘tall people’s’ advice and actions.  Now we ‘WAKE UP’ to that and re-ALIZE, that we are beautiful, healthy, beings that are capable of SO-O-O-O-O much…and
Our natural state is LOVE.
Our natural state is GOOD and VIBRANT HEALTH.
I questioned everything growing up but succumbed to the heavy tides around me, pulling me with them.  It was VERY HARD to stand my ground in the face of everyone else – going elsewhere.
Well, for all of us who have felt like this, and more and more of us are realizing this, it is TIME.
We can live beautiful and healthy and wealthy LIVES.
We are more attentive to what our thoughts are now.  We realize how they are the conductors of what eventuates in our lives.  We are co-creating.  We are deciding, in every moment, what to put into our mouths, then our brains and our body and soul – follow suit.  If we think all day long that we are not worthy of ______, ________. ________, etc.  Well, the universe will do its best to make sure you are going to feel that- since that is what you are asking for.  It is our slave, in a sense, for those of you who don’t want to accept the ‘co-creation’ part.  It does our bidding.
The other part that plays into this in a big way is that the ‘masses’ create a big force of ENERGY.  So if you want to ‘break away’ from the pack – you’ve got to be extra vigilant, in every moment, have a stronger resolve and decide and commit !!
This is where PURIFICATION and CLEANSING can help.  It sloughs off the masses mentality that went in with the food that is mass oriented, not health oriented.  More and more, the TRUE-er SELF emerges, we get stronger each day and finally we notice we have more and more courage, then willingness to go the distance, because we can finally see the LIGHT at the end of the ‘tunnel’.  This tunnel has been dark and lonely and scary.  We thought we were alone and sick and dying.
NOT !!
We were just good little soldiers, following the precepts of society.
We are taking our lives back.  Our REAL SELVES.
Will the REAL YOU, please stand up, and ANNOUNCE yourSELF.  To me, to everyone around YOU !!
Thank you – for being YOU.  It gives license to everyone else that you meet and know –
to do the same.
And from the Upanishad’s, the ancient Hindu texts,  “The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind”.
So eat well too !
luvin life


70 year old Raw Food Women who look 20 years younger

March 27, 2012

Hey, check this out….

annette larkins

Annette Larkins: 70-years-young and living RAW.
She states: “Transition is the key. Its not advisable to make an abrupt change… you’ve got to deal with the psychology of it first…”

Okay folks, hear that?  That is where I come in and assist you to make a few changes – over time – which becomes a new life STYLE.  This is KEY.
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to go cold turkey.  It’s just like going on a diet, then everything comes back.  There are key components that make the changes  ‘stick’.

The Ebook, The Body Garden, is a good start, for just re-arranging our kitchen, so you grab for ‘good’ things, not just the same ‘ole stuff that keeps you in the same ‘rut’.  Makes sense doesn’t it?

Don’t fret, it’s not your fault.  We haven’t been taught correctly….on purpose.  hmmm.  Please consider that one.

Now check out this other woman, Mimi Kirk, voted World’s most sexy Vegan 70 year old.  I LOVE HER FRIG.  It looks like mine.

Maui, Hawai’i ‘Gifted Healers’ Wisdom

February 23, 2012

Well, this pretty much sums it up…the quote BELOW… of my recent 9 month ‘walkabout journey’ of self-inquiry.

It was ruthless.

It felt like a dis-ease.  

I had to keep looking at layers of ego being ruthlessly peeled away, only to find that it lightened me up and began healing the ‘dis-ease’ in my life.

I didn’t even know how much I had wandered away from Source until I started truly looking – where it’s UN-COMFORTABLE.  yikes.  cringe n smile 🙂

Today, I feel I have been stripped bare and voila !  I am standing in the most joyous, clear, True-est feeling Self I’ve ever felt.  There are some validations that something major has changed too.  I am manifesting easily and gracefully, whatever I need.  I had to TRUST.  LET go.  I gave up all material possessions but a few and after arrival back on Maui, my true home, I have never felt better nor found life so easy and loving and joyful. It just happened to take me 55 years.  My belief systems almost killed me.  Never too late tho’, right?  To try and feel PEACE and JOY in one’s life.

GO FOR IT !!  If I can do it, so can you.  I’ll share my recipe – – it bloody well works !!

It must start with PURIFICATION.  Start with the physical body and the rest will follow – – with a little help from friends 🙂  My recipe for getting CLEAR…is go for the SOURCE techniques and processes.  It’s like hitting the RE-SET button.

Wouldn’t you like to hit the RESET BUTTON on parts of your LIFE, after all that we’ve learned?  We can go back and heal, forgive, erase.

DON’T GIVE UP ! ! I know what that feels like too, I almost did, because I thought I just wouldn’t get through the healing and the changes that came forward – – mostly the ‘letting go’.  Geez, I was such a good ‘lil student of life, I was like a pitbull, hanging on to every good thing that those around me had taught me and told me.  Most of it was not for me and not what I believed and not Source oriented.  It took me a long time to wake up to finding this out and then peeling away others beliefs that I had absorbed into my reality.  What a mucky soup it made.  No one ever really told me HOW I was to separate it all out – – sure I’d taken all the courses, but still I was a failure at it.

The only thing I can say that made a difference was like what I hear about alcoholics lives when they can’t stop drinking and lose everything – – their loved ones, their material possessions, their jobs.  Well, I purposefully did it.  Selling or giving away most all and giving of myself wherever I landed, of myself, in service, which was not always the nicest but I carried on.  I eventually stood in a place where the only thing that mattered was what mattered to me, truly, in my heart.  When I got to that place,  all around got clear too.  Many people I knew, fell away.  Different people started showing up that resonated with my new frequency that, I say I’m ‘vibrating at’ these days.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch HOW it works.

NOW I can truly TRUST.  I am given all that I need in every moment.  It’s so easy to live in the PRESENT moment, when it’s like this. One can feel so Alive and totally committed to what is in front of them, instead of worrying about what may be or what was.  Boy did I get grey hairs from that kind of energy but now I’m drinking my Seawater again and fasting and juicing those grey hairs back to their non-stressed state and color.

I have highlighted what I feel are the most salient ‘hit-home’ points to consider, from Eli’s words, summary, below:

* * Eli’s quote follows here * *
infuses the teaching with his teacher’s living transmission of silence. He presents a unique map of egoic identification as a vehicle for ruthless self-inquiry and final realization of true freedom. He dedicates his life to passing on the transmission of his teacher Papaji.

The Enneagram has appeared in our time as an illusory medicine to cure an imaginary disease. The disease is the egoic idea of separation from God, from one’s true source. The cure is to look into the wisdom mirror of the Enneagram to see past all false identifications to the truth of being.

Eli presents a radically new model of the ego and the psyche. Bringing together his background in Buddhism with the Sufi work on essence, he presents a fresh approach to awakening by using the Enneagram’s nine fixated structures of ego to clearly describe who you are not. You will see how habits of egoic identification continuously appear to veil the pure, pristine consciousness that you truly are. When these habits of mind are exposed, there is a clear choice to end the bondage of ego-based suffering and to realize the vast, inherent freedom of one’s true nature.

To find out more about Eli, please visit www.leela. org <>

Gratitude Batteries

December 29, 2011

How is your GRATITUDE Battery?

Have you been topping up your battery, with . . .

love thoughts, positive thoughts, being in the moment of the PRESENT, being grateful for being alive, just for TODAY?

There is always something to be grateful for,  I am living proof.

I left my secure home and way of life – to test how much this is TRUE.  I have been traveling for 6 months now, to feel how this works and to see how it feels.  This was not an easy journey, as I was stuck in some old beliefs and couldn’t see what I had taken on as my own, from my childhood, from those around me, that was not me.  I was such a good little kid, following what the ‘tall people’ said was good and right, no matter how much it went against what I FELT.

Before I knew it, I was living exactly like those that I was running away from, and had learned their behavior, unbeknownst to me.  This only came to LIGHT after much peeling.  Much peeling away of the layers of beliefs and such that covered up who I really am, who I really came here to BE.

e voila ! There were even moments where I felt it was not worth it to stay here on this planet, with so much chaos, inside and out, and how could I ever find a place in it that might feel good.  Well, after much deliberation with my own ‘belly button’, and many tears and many thoughts of GRATITUDE coming in more and more, for just the little things in life, I made it through what I call the ‘eye of the needle’, as a camel might do (Matthew, 19:23-30).

For myself, I had to give up all that I knew, in order to really go deep to the TRUE ESSENCE.  My mind is sharp and quick, which made it even harder.  AHA !!

Well, now I live in the moment, like I never have, being grateful for a meal, for a bed, to help another.  This is how my life is now, but soon to be living in alignment with my TRUE – est SELF, that I came here  to BE.

Purification, is a large part of the process, in case anyone else feels some similarities in what I write.  Many years of it for me, transitioning to an almost RAW diet, which for me, is perfect.  Not fully RAW, but maybe 75-80%.  Each person is different, so ‘check-in’ with yourself.  The catch-22 is that unless one purifies one’s body, it’s really hard to ‘check-in’ and get the ‘right’ answers.  This is why I spent so much TIME on cleansing others and myself.  I could see how it changed things and allowed the vibration to increase which put us more in touch with our TRUE SELVES.  Then there might be all that other work to do, that comes up, oh, those bloody emotions, where do they come from?

Gratitude looks like this !

11:11:11 something to consider . . .

October 26, 2011


“StarDoves Presents the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission” <>

I think they have a good point here re: religion.  The following definitions bring a certain pattern to LIGHT – we are all one and only have a personal perspective on we interpret THE SAME INFORMATION.  No wonder we have wars or conflicts going on in :

“At the time of this writing there are wars in India, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Mexico, Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire, Libya and conflicts in North Korea, South Korea, Burma, Israel, Various Arab States (including United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Palestinian Authority, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Djibouti, Comoros, Mauritania, Bahrain, and Algeria) Spain, France, Columbia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Turkey, Iraq, Uganda, DR Congo, African Republic, Senegal, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Iran, Thailand, Chad, Cambodia and Russia.”


Krishna, Cosmic FormOne of the most uplifting spiritual teachers in Hindu tradition is Krishna. He taught, One’s life on Earth must be lived in accordance with greater laws and truths, one must embrace one’s temporal duties whilst remaining mindful of timeless reality, acting for the sake of service without consideration for the results thereof. Such a life would naturally lead towards stability, happiness and, ultimately, enlightenment. This means knowing you are of the world (Galactics and Angels) not from this world.

The Bhagavad Gita
begins before the start of the climactic battle of Kurukshetra, with the Pandava Prince –
Arjuna becoming filled with doubt on the battlefield.

Realizing that his enemies are his own relatives, beloved friends, and revered teachers, he turns to his charioteer and Guide, Krishna, for advice. Earth has been at battle for billions of years over eons of time. We are at end time for war. It is time for Peace! On Arjuna’s request, Krishna displays his “universal form” (Viśvarupa), theophany of a being facing every way and emitting the radiance of a thousand suns, containing all other beings and material in existence. 

Christianity and Buddhism

Christ MeditatingChrist is also Buddha. Jesus was a Bodhisattva, and his higher aspect was Maitreya, the Future Buddha, which is now to be awakened within every living being. One of the most uplifting spiritual teachers today in Buddhic tradition is His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He recently stated: “We are now in the twenty –first century. The quality of research on both the inner and physical world has reached quite high levels, thanks to the tremendous stride in technological advancement and human intelligence. However, as some of the speakers said before, the world is also facing a lot of new problems, most of which are man–-made. The root cause of these man–-made problems is the inability of human beings to control their agitated minds. How to control such a state of mind is taught by the various religions of this world.


More than a thousand years have passed since the great religions of the world flourished, including Buddhism. During those years, the world had witnessed a lot of conflicts, in which followers of different religions were also involved. We acknowledge the fact that different religions of the world have provided many solutions about how to control an agitated mind. In spite of this, we still feel we have not been able to realise our full potential.

Bodhisatva: बोधिसत्त्व Another term is “wisdom-being.” It is anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated boshicitta, which is a spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. A biased mind cannot grasp reality, or exact change. We must as a society of humanity, we must embrace LOVE.What Jesus said about Spiritual Service as a requirement for enlightenment: Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works I do and, in fact, will do greater acts than these….if in my name you ask for anything, I will do it. (John 14: 12-14)



Krishna~Buddha~Jesus~Kalki Maitreya

God reveals Himself through Appearances, through a Coming One. This doctrine is found in all the basic world religions, in every time and age; it appears in the doctrine of the Avatars of the Hindu faith, in the teaching of the return of Maitreya Buddha or the Kalki Avatar, in the belief in the Western world in the return of Christ and His Advent or second Coming, and in the prophesied issuing forth of the divine Adventurer of the Moslem world. All this is tied up with the undying belief of mankind in the loving Heart of God, Who ever meets man’s need. The witness of history is that always the appearance of man’s necessity has been met with a divine Revelation. EH 286. 


The Divine Blueprint for our bodies and Planet Earth are bioelectromagnetic crystalline formats based in a spiral server. The lattice work of the Cosmic Grid which holds everything together receives energetic pulses from the great central sun, the radiance for everything in the Milky Way Galaxy from Galactic Center out to Earth and beyond. The conduit of Energy coming to Earth, the Cosmic Pulse, will be at a peak on November 11, 2011. On this day the Crystalline Vortex on Earth will be super charged. Humanity has evolved to the time when they need the Crystalline Firmament. When we have this we can link the Zero Point Modulators through the portal, pyramid and ziggurat electromagnetic grid. This will have many effects. One of which will be World Peace. It not only effects Earth, also our bodies. Our nutritional needs will be different, how we metabolize the Sun’s energy will also change. We come into our crystalline bodies, our 5th Dimensional bodies. This crystalline firmament is a force field of pure love. It will emerge as two great elliptical bands of energy that intersect at 90-degree angles around the planet.

We call in the crystalline firmament of Earth as we join in meditation on 11.11.11. On 11 November, 2011 the Atlantean Master Crystals will further activate with the initial awakening of the Crystal of Multidimensional Communication in the Crystal Vortex. We do this to anchor in all we need for Full Galactic Disclosure. Abundance returns to Earth, we have a Peace and all of our financial, human rights and energy conditions improve in ways we cannot imagine.

I am calling all of us into Spiritual Service together. I ask we join for One Hour at 11:11am GMT on 11.11.11. I ask at that time that you still your mind and link your hearts with millions of people all over Earth. Ask our beloved Divine Hierarchy to assist us in fulfilling the 11.11.11. Portal Opening for World Peace.

We will need to link with all of your Meditation Groups, all over the world, to become millions standing together. ~PEACE!

We wish to thanks to Dr. Da Vid of the Light Party and Beth Trutwin,

…the above information was copied from

Be the best that you can BE today – just for today !  it’s easier than anything else we can do for ourselves and for our brethren and the planet.

love, laurel

Dirty Dancing

September 28, 2011

Hello There.

Well, I’m back in the city, but of course, there’s a whole bunch of beaches nearby, or I wouldn’t be venturing here.

I have a video for you, from the ‘potato patch’, that demonstrates what happens when you start working with DIRT !  It just gets you singin n dancin – but of course, it was inspired by a 3 yr old.

It was time for the POTATOES to go in, so we turned the soil, raked it, pulled all weeds out, prepared it and then . . .


best kind of city beach

early AM meditation



Michael Brown’s book: The Presence Process

March 31, 2011

check it out: this process helps us realize and see HOW we have lost our way – of the Heart.  If you haven’t gone deep and discovered all that lurks, this book will get you there.  Why is this important?

What lurks rears its ugly head whenever it likes and usually at the most inopportune times.  As we get older, we wonder why this thing or that, just keeps happening.  Well, if you read this book and DO THE WORK – there won’t be any more surprises and the whole world will be a happier place, most importantly YOU/ME.

A main premise is that our mental and physical bodies have been focused on, leaving out the ’emotional’ body – the HEART.  If we didn’t have a great birth and made up stories about whatever lack we experienced – it haunts us all our lives….UNTIL….this book.  His work is so refreshing and so to the SOURCE of what ails us.

I’m all about SOURCE baby.  If we REALLY WANT TO HEAL and be the best that we can BE – well, why not face what is uncomfortable, say hello, thank you very much and goodbye.  It’s that SIMPLE.  Same with a physical body cleanse.

ENJOY the Book !

We’ve got the whole world in our hands

March 16, 2011

and it’s our RE-SPONS-Ability !! to do something . . . stay tuned here

for what we’re up to

changing our lives for the better
changing our lives for our children’s future

on all counts: home, bodies, minds, animals, soils, food, water, air and more . . .

If you don’t know what to do or even why or how – – this is a portal for a wholistic approach
for taking your life back ! We download and pass on all that we find, across the internet
in all areas of concern.

We’ve got the whole world in our hands
We’ve got the whole world in our hands
We’ve got the whole world in our hands
We’ve got the whole world in our hands

We’ve got the itty bitty babies in our hands
We’ve got the mama’s and the papa’s in our hands
We’ve got all God’s children in our hands
We’ve got the great blue whale in our hands

The little nightingale in our hands
We’ve got the great blue whale in our hands
We’ve got the whole world in our hands
We’ve got the rivers and the oceans in our hands

We’ve got the mountains and the meadows in our hands
We’ve got the forest and the farmland in our hands
We’ve got the whole world in our hands

We’ve got everything we need in our hands

The time is now for all to know
The planet Earth is our only home
People of the world in every land
It’s time we understand
We’ve got the whole world in our hands

I hate Monday’s – It’s all about FEELINGS !!

March 15, 2011

We just witnessed 3/11/11.  I’m really into numbers.  They seem to be symbols that mean more than what we typically use them for.  I’ve studied numerology.  Everything seems to have some fun relevance – but that’s as far as i take it.

Today’s vibration = i have always hated Monday’s.  well, mostly due to not wanting the weekend to go away.  why is that?  Because we were doing what we wanted to do, typically.  Then along comes Monday and the ‘mundane’ sets in.  Today I am FEELING like I can change those words and the subsequent feeling, therefore invoking a vibrational shift and opening – for something better or different !

Michael Brown’s THE PRESENCE PROCESS is having a multitude of impacts on my life….like never going to be the same again 🙂  that’s a good thing, as i’m continually facing what does not serve me in this life, (nothing else left to look at) and guess what?  it continually shows up with something to say hello to and to then say goodbye to.  I call this AWARENESS.  He calls it many things and mostly what is important about his work is THE UNCOVERING of what we have covered up; which for some of us, turns into Cancer or headaches or something in between.

Why does this manifest physically?  We have 3 bodies.  Physical is the last manifestation of our thoughts, words, deeds.  And guess what?  the Emotional body is the least prepared and least understood as the ‘CAUSAL’ point for the rest of our bodies.  We are vibrations, really that’s all.  We vibrate slowly, we are dense.  Able to be in this gravitational field.  We vibrate faster and we are more able to transcend this physical reality better. hmmm.

DIVINE NUTRITION according to Anastasia in the Series of books;

Why cleanse?  Why go out into Nature?  Why is it time to take a good, hard look at where the constrictions and restrictions are in our bodies?  Well, if we’ve worked on everything else – it’s the stuff we’ve been ‘stuffing down’ that is most important.  And guess where that resides, most of the time; in the E-MOTIONal body.

Take a look at his book and do this process by the book, and you’ll let go of so much of what is in the way – of true happiness.  It’s really quite clear and easy.  We just haven’t been taught the ‘right stuff’ and guess what?  ON PURPOSE, we have been led astray.  I  am finding evidence of this more and more – – and WHY !!

Guess where the answers are?  In Nature.  Where were they always?

It doesn’t take a uni degree to figure this out.  Just being still and quiet and checking in with our own guidance, not in someone else or something else.

  • Were we happy as a 3 year old? and why aren’t we today?  most of us were, ’til something happened and HOW we interpreted it – rules our reality forever on
  • before INDUSTRY and before WARS and before RELIGION, we had MOTHER NATURE.  hmmm, called Mother for a reason, I reckon.  Fool with Mother Nature and our umbilical cord is slashed.
  • Food and air and water used to be PURE once, and we were able to BREATHE in what we needed, not eat food and have to digest, do dishes, buy food and put in pantry.  In this way, we were able to stay creative, Being and Doing, what turned us on. Foraging on berries or whatever was growing naturally while being FREE and HAPPY to create!

Well, I now decide to LOVE Mondays.

They represent ‘new beginnings’.  A new day to take stock ‘differently’ from HOW we ‘normally’ look at things or approach things or people in our lives.  This alone creates a new Awareness.  This is KEY.  Where do we put our attention in our day?  This is what we will pull into our reality.  If it’s something we don’t care for, well, we can change that.  We decide.

May you have a Great Monday.

In Peace and in Vibrant Health ~


Eat well, pray well, love well.  Why not?  or if you dont’ know HOW or what that means, take some intentioned ‘time-out’ and focus on that, immerse yourself in a space or place that supports that to awaken.  Like a Rejuvenating Retreat, for example – maybe in Hawai’i?  Doing what you love to do and learning how to eat better and to grow food.  That’s all there is, really.  Everything else will come from that- paying attention to YOU – not others….as others will receive the Benefits of you looking after you better.  again, its that simple.