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Increase Immunity for $2.50 with cactus

August 1, 2017

and with Aloe Vera leaves.

I love to shop at my local mexican grocery as they get fresh food in EVERY DAY !!! Because they feed so many people and this culture tends to cook from scratch – my kind of enjoyment.

Enjoy the video and the tip I received from a local grandmother (abuela) who I asked what she does with these two strange looking things.

Laurel’s Kitchen/Garden creations for today – 2/16/11

February 17, 2011

Incredibly humbling MEDITATION this AM.  Cap’n Tim and his ‘magic carpet’ ride was born.  He read from the ‘Best of” The Course in Miracles before we ‘sat’.  Interesting concept, that our EGO is just one sliver of light in the rainbow of LIGHT from the SUN, yet we give it all this power as if it was the SUN instead of being what it is – just one lil ray of sun.

Did yoga stretches on the grass to Haleakala from my garden.  Felt a little run down so afterwards went to kitchen thinking a very alkaline drink would feel nice. I had a lilikoi sitting on counter, next to the papaya i picked yesterday so put it all in the blender with a whole peeled LIME, with the white pithy part which has most of the anti-oxidants.  Whizzed it all up with the young coco water I had in the coconut that i picked yesterday.  So FROTHY and LIGHT and Fresh !!  I put the extra immediately into the freezer in an airtight jar, to be added to later when it’s frozen like.

I went to do some work, got hungry-ish in an hour or so, so went to freezer and took out my now SLUSHY COLD mixture and looked around my kitchen, felt into how i was feeling and started adding different things this time.  I had found the freshest and soft, dried FIGS at my neighborhood mom n pop store yesterday, so to give my mixture some ‘meat’ and more thickness, i tossed in a few of these.  i normally soak them first but these were already so soft, like they’re were sun-dried and not all the way.  My newly sprouted sprouts were ready, so i put in a dollop of my small french green lentils + mung bean SPROUTS.  Incredible enymes now and more thick.  i had made some COCONUT CREAM from scratch and some left in frig.  i thruew that in and WOW – Creamy good.  Finally I added my GREEN POWDER (has everything in it) and whizzed away.  added a lil honey for flavor and yum, yum.  2nd batch of food/drink made from my 1st foray with blender this AM.  still had some leftover so i put that into the freezer.

i realized that i had just made some of the most nutritious and tasty food TWICE and spent maybe $3.00 in each BIG DRINK.  i picked about 1/2 of it so if i had bought the papayas and lilikoi and coconut, sprouts and lemons, it would be double.

so i’m finding that keeping SPROUTS on hand at all times, i can throw them in anything and feel good about getting my ENZYMES in every meal and know that my gut doesn’t have to do so much digesting and can save resources to work on other things in my body that may be in need.

a list of things that can be added to my second batch could be, which is now becoming my STAPLES LIST of Foods:
green apples, ginger, dates, wheat sprouts, 4 sweetening, molasses, flax seeds (freshly ground), chia seeds (soaked), reishi or cordyceps mushrooms (going to use more of these now) and research and try other mushrooms.