Living Well – Education for today’s changing World

Truly Living Well means, we’ve got to CLEAN UP some stuff.  Our soils are depleted and sick and so are we.  You think there’s a connection?  hmm.  Well, we’re doing something about it here and coming at it from every viewpoint and answer found, in the World.  It just so happens that we have everything we need, right here in Hawai’i, for cleaning up and thriving forward into the next decade !

What does this mean?  Well, we’re focusing on De-toxifying our land and ourselves, with a lot of Seawater Cleansing; going Alkaline vs. the Acid state that most of us are in, which sends us to the doctor.

We’re also building the cleaned up environments from the inside out – with MINERALS and LOVE.  We’re building together – gardens, exercise programs, cultural wisdom gatherings – learning from our Elders, Food Awareness in schools and at home, water purification, and healthy interactions amongst ourselves – so we can build a healthy future – TOGETHER !


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