Ecuador ‘TRUE SELF’ LightJourney 2016

Flew out of LA on Jan.14, after 3 days of waiting for a new passport – yippee.  I showed up on a Monday, gave them my old one and hoped they would rush it through and get it to me by my fly-out day. no problema. of course i pray alot, for everything these days.

it’s been 2 weeks and i’m now just arrived at my new home in the Andes; Cotacachi. An adobe house on 3 acres of a working farm – YAHOO !! horses, dogs, pigs, 1 chicken.  the whole area is in a valley between two amazing old volcanoes; Mama Cotacachi and Papa Imbabura.  we are the 1st 3 volunteers for this new teaching program, living with the teachers who are from las cruces, new mexico, but now moved here.  we are part of a NPO that was created by a Canadian man who wants to help the world, starting in Ecuador.  We teach english to the locals, for free to them.

I landed in Quito on Jan. 15, and immediately got on a bus to Tena, that takes you over the mountains into the jungle side.


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