I thought I was going to Russia to this school to study with them there to pick up their ‘Essential Info’, didn’t make it. Not enough time or money and couldn’t leave my only source of income, my business, that I thought no one else could run. Well, it wasn’t financially viable anyway.

Since then, all I’ve done is move in this direction here on Maui and soon, my dream of Maui Farm School, will be a reality, based on the ‘essentials’ noted below, by one of the best educators on the planet – in my book.

Thank you Billa, for keeping this alive, through your portal of ‘community and education’:

Below interview taken FROM :

The main thing we create with is our thought, our attitude to- wards the world, our desire to see the world harmoniously.

Here is what we always have to affirm, no matter what! No wars live “essen- tially”! No conflict lives as an a pri- ority act! That is, to work on this all the time, to go in this direction. And here is what I mean with a priory, essential living. That is where we have come to, as a way of life; we affirm it everywhere – – in relations to each other, in rela- tions towards mother and father. What kind of relations should they be? Harmonious! What kind of re- lations should we have towards nature? Certainly harmonious! We should listen to it, otherwise it will not accept us as a part of it. And so on, and so on. For example: I tell you about Light. You are Light. It is a given.

One has to react immediately, it is a human obligation, but what is the purpose? It is for peace sav- ing, for life saving, for its prolonga- tion, for its rejuvenation, for beauty. T

beauty is all here in this “living tis- sue of life”. Do it in beauty, in har- mony, in love, in truth. I mean that every time I settled down, sorting things out, I did an essential thing. If I did not settle down, did NOT sort things out – I would have done a “non-essential” thing. That’s why, when children sit in non-es- sential conditions for a long time, when they have to learn every- thing during 11, or even 12 years first, that is, when we pull them out from this “living matrix,” and say: ‘But they have no time to pay at- tention to connectedness, be- cause a conventional teacher forces them to write something…’. That is when they deviate from this living matrix, and act, as though for the sake of it, but hav- ing delayed contact with it for so long, they have already forgotten what they have come for…

That is the job, the essential duty of a human being – to introduce har- mony and beauty as a vision of the ideal world.

We have to open the doors of cramped educational institutions in order to turn the children towards the Earth. This is a cosmic need because when they work them- selves, when they make Earth more beautiful, they are getting educated, and this is the true Edu- cation. (Ed.: See also our article about Sepp Holzer in SOL #2 and his conviction that all educational institutions should have an appro- priately sized farm attached to it: kindergartens should have a school-garden, all the way to col- lege, which should have a farm at- tached.)

I just wanted to say, that the main thing now is not so much to ask the question: «How we do it?», as to determine for what purpose, in general, we do it at all. Because the child’s life does not end in an educational institu- tion, nor does it begin in an edu- cational institution. It begins and ends with its real cooperation with life, with everything that oc- curs. I mean that we have to bring them into what occurs as soon as possible, and to think to- gether with them, and to change everything according to the feel- ing, the conscience. Here is the core. Namely, that the child is a phenomenal occurrence, He or She is Your Majesty, He or She is Your Highness. And we have to look at him or her as we look at a Supreme Being.

For “dessert,” I am happy that I sang a song – that’s one thing at least that may stay with you.

* * *

Translated by Yuri Smirnov Edited by Regina B. Jensen

A special Thank you also to Nasik Hakobyan for sub­editing this for us! R.J.

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Special Issue 2012

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