Gratitude Batteries

How is your GRATITUDE Battery?

Have you been topping up your battery, with . . .

love thoughts, positive thoughts, being in the moment of the PRESENT, being grateful for being alive, just for TODAY?

There is always something to be grateful for,  I am living proof.

I left my secure home and way of life – to test how much this is TRUE.  I have been traveling for 6 months now, to feel how this works and to see how it feels.  This was not an easy journey, as I was stuck in some old beliefs and couldn’t see what I had taken on as my own, from my childhood, from those around me, that was not me.  I was such a good little kid, following what the ‘tall people’ said was good and right, no matter how much it went against what I FELT.

Before I knew it, I was living exactly like those that I was running away from, and had learned their behavior, unbeknownst to me.  This only came to LIGHT after much peeling.  Much peeling away of the layers of beliefs and such that covered up who I really am, who I really came here to BE.

e voila ! There were even moments where I felt it was not worth it to stay here on this planet, with so much chaos, inside and out, and how could I ever find a place in it that might feel good.  Well, after much deliberation with my own ‘belly button’, and many tears and many thoughts of GRATITUDE coming in more and more, for just the little things in life, I made it through what I call the ‘eye of the needle’, as a camel might do (Matthew, 19:23-30).

For myself, I had to give up all that I knew, in order to really go deep to the TRUE ESSENCE.  My mind is sharp and quick, which made it even harder.  AHA !!

Well, now I live in the moment, like I never have, being grateful for a meal, for a bed, to help another.  This is how my life is now, but soon to be living in alignment with my TRUE – est SELF, that I came here  to BE.

Purification, is a large part of the process, in case anyone else feels some similarities in what I write.  Many years of it for me, transitioning to an almost RAW diet, which for me, is perfect.  Not fully RAW, but maybe 75-80%.  Each person is different, so ‘check-in’ with yourself.  The catch-22 is that unless one purifies one’s body, it’s really hard to ‘check-in’ and get the ‘right’ answers.  This is why I spent so much TIME on cleansing others and myself.  I could see how it changed things and allowed the vibration to increase which put us more in touch with our TRUE SELVES.  Then there might be all that other work to do, that comes up, oh, those bloody emotions, where do they come from?

Gratitude looks like this !

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