Depression Recovery

to celebrate or not - is the decision, not the question

I meet someone everyday now that exhibits symptoms of depression.  Even myself.  It’s actually quite a normal reaction to the world around us.  I feel it arises when we are out of alignment with our SOUL and TRUE NATURE and we’re living a life different than that.  Does anyone resonate with that?

For the most part we are finding that we were led down a path that has brought us to a place where we feel out of control, we’re not happy with the lives that we’ve created, based on what society and peers and teachers and parents, have told us is the ‘right thing to do’ and is ‘good for us’.  Hmmm.  Is anyone finding themselves at a juncture that is hard to know what to do next?  How to make the little changes that are needed to be moving forward instead of feeling like we’re moving backward – or worse, just standing still.

So I copied this Blog Link, for you  to peruse, at your leisure.  It has some very worthwhile info on nutrition and daily habits, that can help one change – a little at a time.  We cannot very well change our whole life at once, after we realize we’re living a life we don’t really want or we feel stuck and don’t know how to ‘get out from under’.  By  making 1 change at a time, taking that first step – will instill a little more confidence and a feeling of more self-worth, that gives us the energy to make the next change or to take that next step.

After a while, you will look back and notice that there is a big change that has been made – by taking little steps, every day.  Every day – is the operative term here.  Try doing 1 new thing each day, instilling new habits slowly, which create big change.  This could be just not eating but only drinking on Monday.  You won’t die and you’ll only feel better.  Drink juices that give you energy, as having to digest food takes energy and hopefully leaves us with some.

Try some of the tips from this blog and be well.  Check in here, leave a comment and share with others, your successes.  This too will give you strength to continue where no man has ever gone.  Well, that’s what I figure.  Human kind has never really been at this juncture in life before – – so we’re all pioneers, on this planet, living the best life that we can.  Now check in with WHO you’re really ‘listening’ to – your own self or others.  It’s time to listen to our own feelings – and that means maybe having to do some ‘cringing and smiling’ before we can clear the road blocks to a truly blissful loving and open hearted, joyful life.
Thank you James, for calling us up from our Cleanse Retreat flyer we had hanging around town here, in Byron Bay, Australia.  This is one way we find each other – – what i’m calling, our ‘SOUL TRIBE’.  Do you feel like you’re surrounded by those who feel, think, desire and do, as you do?  If not, go do something you really, really LOVE, and there they’ll BE !

in joy and love,



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