Thyroid and Radiation

I have just tested a BIOMAT.  Something I knew about but didn’t feel I needed since I owned an Infra-red Sauna.  Sweat and our physical self living in this toxic world just seemed to make sense to me.  This after teaching Bikram hot and sweaty yoga for over a decade – daily.  I saw incredible healing and healthy people as compared to those who didn’t SWEAT.  There were even diabetics who could forego their daily insulin in favor of a sweaty yoga class.  There is of course, the fact that every joint, muscle and tendon moves and gets oxygen, in a Bikram yoga class.  It saved my thyroid and life.  These are separate issues but it’s all about the thyroid now.

Radiation is becoming a household word.  Well, I’m not an experiential health coach for a reason.  The latest is the BIOMAT.  It goes straight to working on increasing the core temperature of the body which is overseen by the thyroid or what I call the ‘conductor’ of all systems.  If the body temperature is lower than 98.6 degress (normal) then it can cause a myriad of problems, not the least of which can be, in creating an environment that is perfect for growing BACTERIA.

Now, have we heard of bacteria lately? hmmm. Even the TV show, ANIMAL PLANET, has created a new show called, “the monsters inside us”.  Hmm, what do you think that means?  Nothing goes on national TV unless there is an epidemic.

Get yourself a BIOMAT and share it among friends and family.  It’s approximately $1500.  Get 15 friends with $100 if you have to, but get and co-op purchase the things that can keep us healthy, for now.  If we can keep our WHOLE BODY/MIND healthy during these times, the better off we’re going to be if you know what hits the fan and if we have to make harder than usual decisions.

Don’t give your power away – by hoping someone else has the answer for you.  Only each person has that knowledge for themselves.  Even parents can only guide – but children have a much better intuition that has not been eroded YET. RELY on the intuition of the young ones and I bet you’ll be better off.

My friends sell the BIOMAT.  Go there, if you’re interested in holistic, ‘take your own life back’ Health.

Click to access biomat_basics.pdf

ENJOY the best HEALTH you can !  It’s your CHOICE.



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  1. Light Journey Retreats Says:

    […] Thyroid and Radiation […]

  2. nutrition Says:

    Hejsan! Vilken duktig site! Jag kommer att gästa dig igen!

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