I hate Monday’s – It’s all about FEELINGS !!

We just witnessed 3/11/11.  I’m really into numbers.  They seem to be symbols that mean more than what we typically use them for.  I’ve studied numerology.  Everything seems to have some fun relevance – but that’s as far as i take it.

Today’s vibration = i have always hated Monday’s.  well, mostly due to not wanting the weekend to go away.  why is that?  Because we were doing what we wanted to do, typically.  Then along comes Monday and the ‘mundane’ sets in.  Today I am FEELING like I can change those words and the subsequent feeling, therefore invoking a vibrational shift and opening – for something better or different !

Michael Brown’s THE PRESENCE PROCESS is having a multitude of impacts on my life….like never going to be the same again 🙂  that’s a good thing, as i’m continually facing what does not serve me in this life, (nothing else left to look at) and guess what?  it continually shows up with something to say hello to and to then say goodbye to.  I call this AWARENESS.  He calls it many things and mostly what is important about his work is THE UNCOVERING of what we have covered up; which for some of us, turns into Cancer or headaches or something in between.

Why does this manifest physically?  We have 3 bodies.  Physical is the last manifestation of our thoughts, words, deeds.  And guess what?  the Emotional body is the least prepared and least understood as the ‘CAUSAL’ point for the rest of our bodies.  We are vibrations, really that’s all.  We vibrate slowly, we are dense.  Able to be in this gravitational field.  We vibrate faster and we are more able to transcend this physical reality better. hmmm.

DIVINE NUTRITION according to Anastasia in the Series of books; http://www.ringingcedars.com

Why cleanse?  Why go out into Nature?  Why is it time to take a good, hard look at where the constrictions and restrictions are in our bodies?  Well, if we’ve worked on everything else – it’s the stuff we’ve been ‘stuffing down’ that is most important.  And guess where that resides, most of the time; in the E-MOTIONal body.

Take a look at his book and do this process by the book, and you’ll let go of so much of what is in the way – of true happiness.  It’s really quite clear and easy.  We just haven’t been taught the ‘right stuff’ and guess what?  ON PURPOSE, we have been led astray.  I  am finding evidence of this more and more – – and WHY !!

Guess where the answers are?  In Nature.  Where were they always?

It doesn’t take a uni degree to figure this out.  Just being still and quiet and checking in with our own guidance, not in someone else or something else.

  • Were we happy as a 3 year old? and why aren’t we today?  most of us were, ’til something happened and HOW we interpreted it – rules our reality forever on
  • before INDUSTRY and before WARS and before RELIGION, we had MOTHER NATURE.  hmmm, called Mother for a reason, I reckon.  Fool with Mother Nature and our umbilical cord is slashed.
  • Food and air and water used to be PURE once, and we were able to BREATHE in what we needed, not eat food and have to digest, do dishes, buy food and put in pantry.  In this way, we were able to stay creative, Being and Doing, what turned us on. Foraging on berries or whatever was growing naturally while being FREE and HAPPY to create!

Well, I now decide to LOVE Mondays.

They represent ‘new beginnings’.  A new day to take stock ‘differently’ from HOW we ‘normally’ look at things or approach things or people in our lives.  This alone creates a new Awareness.  This is KEY.  Where do we put our attention in our day?  This is what we will pull into our reality.  If it’s something we don’t care for, well, we can change that.  We decide.

May you have a Great Monday.

In Peace and in Vibrant Health ~


Eat well, pray well, love well.  Why not?  or if you dont’ know HOW or what that means, take some intentioned ‘time-out’ and focus on that, immerse yourself in a space or place that supports that to awaken.  Like a Rejuvenating Retreat, for example – maybe in Hawai’i?  Doing what you love to do and learning how to eat better and to grow food.  That’s all there is, really.  Everything else will come from that- paying attention to YOU – not others….as others will receive the Benefits of you looking after you better.  again, its that simple.

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