Fasting and Cleansing Realities – Day 5

Day 5, I broke my fast with juices, coco water & veggie soup broth.  I was too weak, I tried to kill all worms/parasites at once – – not a good idea.  Take it slower than me.

I knew that after traveling and the emotional pain I had just been through, in the last year, needed to be released, so Wormwood, Black Walnut and freshly ground cloves went into my body, 1st thing in AM, lunchtime and evening.  well, 2 days later i was in a healing crisis – – too much detox, too fast.  i really wanted to feel better fast and learned the hard way.
since it was the longest time since i’d fasted and cleared out my guts i was too anxious to let go as i know how good i feel when cleaned and cleared out.  so i cut back 50% and only took it morning and night. what a difference.  i had one watermelon juice and a little later made a veggie soup with the Seawater (all Trace Minerals) drank the broth from it and nearly gained all my energy back.  WOW!!  i learned something.  for my body.  so i experimented with quantities and my body spoke to me to tell me how much i needed.  i went for a swim and gained back even more energy as if the oxygen pumping through my body released the poison i had taken to kill the unseen buggers that may be in my gut – most likely there.

It just so happens that after 3 grueling days of no energy and the 4th day to incorporate transition to juices – the very next day

all 3 of my ‘irons’ in the fire – came to fruition, as if I let something or enough go – – to allow MAJOR Manifestation to happen.  Again, I got out of my own way.  And what a way to discover what that means.  Clean up my ‘temple’ of my body and the mind clears and MANIFESTATION happens? or faster?

I was given a bold YES on all three of my projects that I’m working on, and the cherry on top is that I had enough energy to walk the Land today with the people who are going to assist me in making my/our biggest dream of all come true.  Imagine That.  

well, that’s exactly what i did, IMAGINE THAT for a long time – – through thick and thin, held on to it and it has served me, which will serve so many others.

My momma, one of the oldest living colonic therapists at age 81, still working today, saving people’s lives from prostate cancer, or those dying from worm and parasite infestation – told me to break my fast and that i can get just as good results FOR ME, so i have the energy for what’s coming.  of course, i asked, what’s comin’ momma?  well, being the very clear being that she is, making her more aware and intuitive, so much so that we call her psychic, said, “i don’t know”.  hmm. momma’s been saying that for a year now, but giving me little nudges and words to keep me going.

i get home and there’s a message from momma – “i won 3 times in bingo tonight, they wanted to throw me out”.  hmm. everything happened in 3’s today for momma and me – total manifestation.  she told me yesterday that she’s decided how much she needs for a plane ticket to visit family and today she won that amount in bingo.  and today my dreams came true too. in three’s – for both of us.

well, the reason i’m sharing this is to talk about how related MANIFESTATION is to PURIFICATION of the Self, starting with the physical body which ultimately clears the heart and mind.

dig in and go for the gusto – what have you got to lose?  how happy and healthy are you really – at this moment.
the only thing that worked for me was to clear out the ‘old’ to allow space for the ‘new’ to come in, which serves me so much better in ways i could never have imagined.  basically a better dream built on the best i could imagine, with all the elements and then some.

peace.  go with your gut.

p.s. it feels so damn good to be just drinking and not eating.  i’m not really hungry and when i am i just drink something and i’ve got it down to a science so it doesn’t take much time.  i leave the house with2 or 3 jars of watermelon juice and/or veggie broth and i’m set for the day with lemonday and water as backup. i now have tons of energy and feel better about everything – oh, the excitement of all my imaginings coming true with bonuses i couldn’t have dreamed of – well, probably hasn’t got too much to do with it.

Mahalo ke Akua
Aloha ke Akua
Aloha ke Akua

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