LINEAR TIME collapsing into Universal Time

Energies of May
a message from Jennifer Hoffman <>  Monday, 3 May, 2010
Well, another month has gone by in a year that seems to be going by so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Linear time is collapsing into universal time where all things happen simultaneously and we are integrating other aspects of ourselves into this reality. Where are we grounded and functioning? It’s hard to say because what our current reality looks like is based on our thoughts in this moment. If we want to change it, all we have to do is change our thoughts and set an intention for being somewhere else. Get ready for this phase of our ascension because it’s happening now. May is going to be a fantastic month with lots of movement, guidance and action.

April was a frustrating month because during the entire month we were challenged to be clear about what we wanted. And if we did not know what that was, everything that was not in alignment with our intention simply did not work. Rather than being frustrated, quitting and getting depressed or angry, we needed to reflect on what was happening and to change our direction. In many ways April felt like the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. In May the objects begin to move and we will learn about moving energy, alignment and being the force in our lives.

May opens with Mercury retrograde until May 11, so things may move a little slowly during the first half of the month. This Mercury retrograde is in Taurus and is about value-what do we value, what is valuable to us and where we value ourselves. When we put ourselves first and hold on to the thought that we are valuable and worthy, we create what we want in our lives. When we are willing to settle, to put others’ needs and desires before ours, we sell ourselves short and block our growth. Are we willing to be selfish? That is going to be May’s challenge.

If we are able to stand firm in our dreams, May will be a fantastic month. Lots of movement and things finally getting unstuck. Five of my family members are moving this month, an indication of how much energy is waiting to be moved. And that is exactly how we have to see it. The energy is waiting to be moved, we have to be the ‘movers.’ Where do you want the energy to move in your life and what are you willing to release, accept, transform and acknowledge to make it happen? It’s all about us this month, whatever we want is what is available to us. All we have to do is claim it, own it and receive. Let this be your best month this year by standing in your power and acknowledging that you are worthy of the best that the Universe can give you. Ha

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