Aloha and here we go!  Going Electric!  Every little bit helps our lil chain of islands by reducing that lil bit of pollution each day into the AIR, which adds up by the end of  . . .

And what a business for this sagging economy – especially great for a family who holds more than 1 job – quit your night job and help teach our tourists about GREENING OUR ISLES with DIGGLER ELECTRIC TOURS or just rent them, for a healthy alternative to all those cars on the road.  Can you just imagine 30% less cars in Waikiki and electric scooters zipping past the long traffic lines?  or kihei, or lahaina?  and you’ll always have free parking too, and that’s nice as you’re loading your groceries into the front basket right in front of the store.

TIME MAG, CNN, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, THE DOG WHISPERER have all caught the ‘bug’ about it too!  as it’s not only Electric, it’s used for dog training which is how I found it – while dog sledding over the winter.

Get one for your kid instead of a car and they can pull right up to the beach with surfboard or be COOL getting to SCHOOL.  Go 20 miles on just 1 charge, which might cost $0.20.

As a Health Coach for families and an Environmental Activist for our ‘Aina, this is a dream come true.

Get the DOGS OUT.  Now your family dog can run and is so grateful that you’re able to keep up with him, finally !  and safely as it has disc brakes that stop on a dime.  We’ve created a ‘dog running service’ too, so everybody sleeps better at night.

The best part of this is, it FUNDS HAWAIIAN YOUTH OUTDOOR EDUCATION PROGRAMS.   Laurel is collaborating with many of the existing programs on Maui to provide more services and resources and bringing them together as a COLLECTIVE  with OUTWARD BOUND to bring a unique form of experiential education to HAWAI’I, in the World.  The ultimate program will bring kids together about FARMING for Food Security, implementing and researching Green Technologies,  Hale and Canoe Building, Alternative Energy Resources Research and Education as well as many challenging pursuits to build leadership abilities and self-confidence in our YOUTH – who are the Stewards of the Future.  Go see the Movie – Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and you’ll see what I mean.  The ‘training’ facilities and exercises are similar to what we will be implementing.

Be well, Step Lightly, Breathe Deeply


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